Scientific Program
Session List for Oral  Presentation
  • Synthethic aperture radar
  • Remote Sensing of the parameters defining the rate of air-sea gas transfer
  • Measurement of ocean currents, winds and waves using space borne altimeters 
  • Ocean atmosphere interaction observed by new spaceborne sensors
  • Measurements of winds using  scatterometers and applications to tropical cyclone analysis
  • Polar oceanography
  • Passive microwave remote sensing of ocean and atmosphere
  • Modeling and assimilation of remote sensing data into numerical models
  • Climate and  circulation of the Indian ocean
  • Remote sensing of fishery resources and marine ecology
  • Air sea interaction
  • Thermal infrared remote sensing, skin SST and its relationship to bulk SST and heat budget of the upper ocean
  • Ocean colour
  • Coastal zone management, storm surge prediction and GIS applications
  • Ocean processes: Interannual to decadal ocean variability
  • Ocean processes: Mesoscale and coastal ocean processes
  • Multisensor observations and applications
  • Data processing sensor calibration and data management
  • Underwater acoustics
  • Sea ice and polar climatic variability 
  • Meaurement of precipitation using spaceborne sensors
  • Marine optics

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    Last Updated on May 31, 2000.