Scientific Program
    Ocean Color - I
    ( 5th Dec.  1400 - 1530 Hrs.)
    Chairpersons: J. Campbell and Kiran Kumar
  • A simulation and evaluation study on the radiance imagery of Ocean color sensor OSMI

  • Author : Delu Pan, China
    Co-Authors : Yong-seung KIM
  • Water color study of the Adriatic sea 

  • Author : Mira Morovic, Croatia
  • Correction of the sun glint contamination 

  • Author : Menghua Wang, USA
    Co-Authors : Sean Bailey
  • New algorithm of the atmospheric correction: Validation with SeaWiFS and sea-truth data. 

  • Author : Oleg V. Kopelvich, Russia
    Co-Authors : D.B.Rogozkin, S.V.Sheberstov, S.V.Ershova
  • Productivity and plankton blooms observed with SeaWiFS (Invited Talk) 

  • Author : Jim Gower, Canada
  • Vertical diffuse attenuation coefficient (Kd) based optical classification of IRS-P3 MOS-B satellite ocean colour data 

  • Author : R.K.Sarangi, India
    Co-Authors : Prakash Chauhan, Shailesh Nayak

    Ocean Color - II
    ( 5th Dec.  1545 - 1715 Hrs.)
    Chairpersons: J. Campbell and Shailesh Nayak

  • The guided search algorithm for ocean color reflectance. 

  • Author : Dale A. Kiefer, Canada
    Co-Authors : Juli Berwald
  • Estimation of colored dissolved organic matter and salinity field in case 2 waters using SeaWiFS: Examples from Florida Bay and Florida Shelf 

  • Author : Eurico D’Sa, USA
    Co-Authors : Chuanmin Hu, Frank Muller-Karger, Kendall Carder
  • Study of mixed layer primary production in the northeastern Arabian Sea using IRS P4 OCM data 

  • Author : Mini Raman, India
    Co-Authors :  R.M. Dwivedi, Shailesh Nayak
  • Retrieval of Bathymetry and Other Oceanic Features using IRS-P4 Ocean Colour Monitor (OCM) Data

  • Author : K.H. Rao, India
    Co-Authors : I.V. Ramana, M.V. Rao  S. B. Chodhury, S.K. Sasamal
  • Inter Comparison of chlorophyll Algorithms using IRS P3 MOS 

  • Author : R.M. Dwivedi, India
    Co-Authors : H.U. solanki, S.R. Nayak
  • A study of the photosynthesis pigments in the Colombian Pacific using ADEOS data 

  • Author : Efrain Rodriguez, Chile 
    Co-Authors : Jose Stuardo
  • Pigment pattern in the Arabian sea as observed by ADEOS spatio-temporal variability 

  • Author : Namita A. Jadhav, India 
    Co-Authors : L.V.G. Rao, R.C. Panigrahy

    Ocean Color - III
    ( 6th Dec.  1045 - 1245 Hrs.)
    Chairpersons:  M. Lewis and I. V. Muralikrishna

  • Retrieval and validation of chlorophyll-a concentration in the East China sea from SeaWiFs data 

  • Author : Ming-Xia He, China 
    Co-Authors : Liping LI, Lei Guan
  • Estimation of primary production in the eastern China seas from satellite data 

  • Author : Chaofang Zhao, China
    Co-Authors : Haili Wang, Liping Li, Ming Xia He
  • A case study on chlorophyll estimating algorithm in southern coast of Korea using Landsat images.

  • Author : Myung-Hee Jo
    Co-Authors : Yun-Won Jo, Yasuhiro Senga, Yasuhiro Sugimori, Ae-Sook Suh
  • Decadal evolution of the oceanic primary production in the Equatorial pacific, as modeled from past(CZCS) and present (SeawiFS &OCTS) satellite observations 

  • Author : David Antoine, France 
    Co-Authors : Andre Morel
  • Decadal trends in the yellow sea as revealed by satellite ocean color data (1979 – 1999) 

  • Author : Seung-Hyun Son, USA 
    Co-Authors : Sinjae Yoo, Mark Dowell, Timothy Moore, Janet Campbell 
  • Ocean color satellite observations of the  yellow sea: A comparison of historical and current data 

  • Author : Janet Campbell, USA 
    Co-Authors :Timothy Moore, Mark Dowell Seung- Hyun Son, Sinjae Yoo

    Ocean Color - IV
    ( 7th Dec.  1045 - 1245 Hrs.)
    Chairpersons:  M. Lewis and M. Kishino

  • Algorithms for remotely sensing algal blooms, phytoplankton pigment characteristics and marine productivity 

  • Author : Jim Aiken, USA 
    Co-Authors : Gerald Moore
  • Atmospheric correction scheme for turbid caseII waters and its application to East China Sea OCTS data 

  • Author : Mitsuhiro Toratani, Japan 
    Co-Authors : Akihiko Tanaka, Hajime Fukushima, Hiroshi Kobayashi
  • Seasonability of phytoplankton production in the coastal waters off Gopalpure (Oriassa), East coast of India 

  • Author : Rajashree Gouda, India
    Co-Authors : S.K. Tripapathy, R.C. Panigrahy
  • Bio-optical detection of Trichodesmium Blooms in the Aguada Bay, Goa 

  • Author : Elgar Desa
    Co-Authors : S.G.Prabhu Matondkar, T. Suresh, N.Mehta
  • Satellite Validation Experiments in the N.Arabian Sea-application to OCM and SeaWifs Ocean Color Sensors(Invited Talk)

  • Author : Elgar Desa
    Co-Authors : T.Suresh, S.G.Prabhu Matondkar, Ehrilch Desa.
  • Distribution of chlorophyll and subsurface chlorophyll maxima in Bay of Bengal during  December-January period 

  • Author : S.G.Prabhu Matondkar
    Co-Authors : Ocean Color Groups
  • El Nino variations in the biological productivity of the equatorial Pacific Ocean

  • Author : Maron R. Lewis, Canada
    Co-Authors : Daniela Turk, Ichio Asanuma, Tak Kawano, Mike McPhadden

Coastal zone management, strom surge prediction  and GIS applications - I
( 8th Dec.  0900 - 1030 Hrs.)
Chairpersons:  D. P. Rao and Andrei Ivanov
  • Application of remote sensing data to the management of the Galapagos marine reserve

  • Author : Ken Collins, U.K
    Co-Authors : S.A.Banks, M.P.Marshall
  • SAR research and its application for coastal management

  • Author : Ola M. Johannessen, Norway
    Co-Authors : Stein Sandven
  • Remote assessment of net shore drift along the west coast of India 

  • Author : Pravin D. Kunte, India
    Co-Authors : B.G. Wagle, Yasuhiro Sugimori
  • The geographic information system of the Campeche Sound, Gulf of Mexico 

  • Author : Vazquez G. F, Mexico
    Co-Authors : Mendoza M.Q., A. Mayo M
  • Change Detection Studies in and around Kolleru Lake using high resolution data 

  • Author : M.V. Rao, India
    Co-Authors : K.H. Rao, I.V. Ramana, S.K. Sasamal, S.B. Choudhury, S.K.Bhan
  • Use of IRS 1C/1D data for coastal regulation zone (CRZ)

  • Author : H.B. Chauhan, India
    Co-Authors : Shailesh Nayak
  • Application of remote sensing and GIS to mangrove wetland management : Case  study in Coringa mangroves

  • Author : L. Gnanappazham, India
    Co-Authors : S.Ramachandran, R. Krishnamoorthy

    Coastal zone management, strom surge prediction  and GIS applications - II
    ( 8th Dec.  1045 - 1245 Hrs.)
    Chairpersons:  D. P. Rao and Andrei Ivanov

  • Application of remote sensing and GIS in coral reef management: case study of Kadamat Island, India 

  • Author : K. Suganya, India
    Co-Authors : S. Ramachandran, R. Krishnamoorthy
  • Influence of Coastal flooding on the surge estimate along the coast 

  • Author : R. Mahadevan, India
    Co-Authors : G. Latha
  • Simulation of storm surges in the shelf region between Sri Lanka and Madras 

  • Author : G. Latha, India
    Co-Authors : E.P. Rama Rao, R. Mahadevan
  • Shoreline change detection  using remote sensing data 

  • Author : Parviz Zeaiean Firouzabadi, Iran 
    Co-Authors : S. Ramachandraan
  • A suitability analysis for artificial reef facility using satellite remote sensing and GIS 

  • Author : Myung-Hee Jo, Korea 
    Co-Authors : Byung-Suk Kim, Young-Sang Suh, Yauhiro Sugimori
  • The long term variation using LANDSAT/TM in the coral reef area around Oshigakishima Island 

  • Author : Kiyoshi Kawasaki, Japan 
  • GIS- Development for coastal zone management 

  • Author : I.V.Muralikrishna, India
  • Remote sensing of river mouths and Asian coastal zone by ocean color sensor 

  • Author : Motoaki Kishino, Japan 
    Co-Authors : A. Tanaka, T. Oishi, R. Doerffer, H. Schiller

      Ocean  processes: Interannual to decadal ocean variability - I
      ( 6th Dec.  1400 - 1530 Hrs.)
      Chairpersons: Antonio Busalacchi and S. R. Shetye
    • Observations of Rossby waves in satellite-derived chlorophyll-a data 

    • Author : Paolo Cipollini, U.K.
      Co-Authors : Peter G. Challenor, D. Cromwell, G. D. Quartly, S. Raffaglio
    • La Nina’s persistence may be part of Larger climate pattern 

    • Author : William C. Patzert, USA 
    • Sea surface salinity changes in the East China sea during the 1997-1999 

    • Author : T. Delcroix, USA 
      Co-Authors : Murtugudde, C. Birkett
    • The relationship between time series sea surface slope and El Nino event from satellite altimetry: A potential indicator 

    • Author : Ming-Xia He, China 
      Co-Authors : Rui Chen, Lei Guan, Mingqiang Fang
    • El-Nino mediated changes in biological productivity in the subarctic pacific ocean – results from satellite and ship data 

    • Author : Joaquim Goes, USA 
      Co-Authors : Helga do R. Gomes, Atsamon Limsakul, Barney Balch, Toshiro Saino
    • Response of the North Pacific circulation model to time varying surface forcing

    • Author : Victor I. Kuzin, Russia
      Co-Author : Valery M. Moiseev

      Ocean  processes: Interannual to decadal ocean variability - II
      ( 6th Dec.  1545 - 1715 Hrs.)
      Chairpersons: Antonio Busalacchi and S. R. Shetye

    • Decadal-multidecadal variability of the Indo-Pacific climate system

    • Author : Vikram M. Mehta, USA
    • Validation of sea level data in the east Asian marginal seas : Comparision between TOPEX/POSEDION altimeter and in-situ tide gauge.

    • Author : Yong-Hoon Youn, Korea.
      Co-Author : Im Sang Oh, Young-Hyang Park, Ae-Sook Suh, Y. Sugimori
    • Low frequency variability in the sea surface height anomalies in the Indian ocean from TOPEX/POSEIDON sea surface height anomalies

    • Author : Y.K. Somayajulu, India
      Co-Authors : V.S.N. Murty, Y.V.B. Sarma
    • On the Quasi-biennial varibility in the Japan Sea

    • Author : N. Hirose, Japan
      Co-Authors : A. Ostrovskii
    • Basic scale variations in new production in the Tropical Pacific during 1992-1999 El-Nino and La-Nina events from remotely-sensed observations

    • Author : Daniela Turk, Canada
      Co-Author : Marlon Lewis, Michael McPhaden, Antonio Busalacchi
    • A new approach in the study of El Nino by Satellite altimeter 

    • Author : Ming Xia He, China 
      Co-Authors : Mingqiang Fang and Rui Chen

      Ocean  processes: Mesoscale and coastal ocean processes - I
      ( 7th Dec.  1400 - 1530 Hrs.)
      Chairpersons: William Patzert and Y. Senga
    • Formation processes and associated events in the evolution of  Kuroshio warm-core ring 93A. 

    • Author : Pravakar Mishra, Japan
      Co-Authors : Takashigae Sugimoto
    • Simulation of superficial circulation in Peter the Great Bay in Japan sea 

    • Author : Ivanov I.A., USA
      Co-Authors : Kilmatov T.R., Ivanova G.F.
    • Spatial and temporal variability of mesoscale features along the first Oyashio intrusion as determined from satellite data (SeaWiFs and AVHRR) and shipboard observations 

    • Author : Kedarnath Mahapatra, Japan 
      Co-Authors : Yoshihiro Okada
    • Coastal tidal fronts in the Okhotsk Sea

    • Author : Andrew  A. Bobkov, Russia
      Co-Authors : Dmitry K.Staritsin, Victor R.Foux
    • Horizontal structure of a sub arctic front from Japan up to 180 on satellite and oceanographic observations 

    • Author : Darnitskiy V.B., Russia
      Co-Authors : Bulatov N.V.
    • Classification of thermal patterns as oceanic fronts

    • Author : Shingehisa Nakamura, Japan
    • The response of the Pacific Ocean to westerly wind bursts: A comparision between model and observation

    • Author: A. M. Jupp
      Co-Author: S. P. Lawrence
      Ocean  processes: Mesoscale and coastal ocean processes - II
      ( 7th Dec.  1545 - 1715 Hrs.)
      Chairpersons: William Patzert and Y. Senga
    • Time-dependent forms of the mesoscale radiance relief of the eastern mediterranean sea surface from the SeaWiFS data

    • Author : Guenrik. S. Karabashev, Russia
      Co-Authors :Marina A. Evdoshenko, S. V. Sheberstov
    • Comparative analysis of the internal wave fields at continental margins in the north-western Pacific and Atlantic oceans based on the remote sensing data.

    • Author : Olga Yu Lavrova, Russia
      Co-Authors : Konstantin D. Sabinin
    • Mesoscale structure in the coastal ocean waters inside the Great Barrier Reef

    • Author : P.N.I.Kalangi, Australia
      Co-Authors : M.L. Heron, A. Prytz
    • Sea level response in the Philippines 

    • Author : Rex Balena, Philippines 

    Multisensor observations and applications - I
    ( 7th Dec.  1400 - 1530 Hrs.)
    Chairpersons: Antony Liu and Ming-Xia He
  • Combining surface currents computed from sea surface temperature and ocean color satellite imagery (Invited Talk)

  • Author : William J. Emery, USA
    Co-Authors : Chris Rathbone, Paul Tildesley
  • Dynamical interpretation of simultaneous satellite observations

  • Author : Avijit Gangopadhyay, USA
    Co-Authors : Amit Tandon
  • Interrelationship between Satellite derived chlorophyll and temperature profile from cruise data: A study for Arabian Sea on seasonal basis 

  • Author : Neera Chaturvedi, India
    Co-Authors : Aishwarya Narain, D.K. Gulati, M.E. John, V.S. Somvanshi
  • Combining ocean colour and sea surface temperature satellite data to study continental shelf dynamics on the east coast of Australia.

  • Author : Peter Davies, Australia
  • Sea Ice motion from wavelet analysis of satellite data(Invited Talk)

  • Author : Antony K. Liu, USA
    Co-Authors : Yunhe Zhou
  • A Northern Indian Ocean comparison between nutrient availability derived from pathfinder SST and phytoplankton biomass/productivity based on SeaWiFS 

  • Author : J. M. Morrison, USA
    Co-Authors : D. Kamykowski, D. M. Datta, S-J. Zentara, A. C. Switzer

    Multisensor observations and applications - II
    ( 7th Dec.  1545 - 1715 Hrs.)
    Chairpersons: Antony Liu and Ming-Xia He

  • Study of relationship between TCO2 & PCO2 in the North Pacific using SeaWiFS data and AVHRR

  • Author : Takahiro Osawa, Japan
    Co-Authors : Daigo Kuroiwa, Joji Ishizaka, Jun Suwa, Masatoshi Akiyama, Yasuhiro Sugimori
  • Annual and Inter-annual Variations of sea surface height (SSH) and sea surface Temperature (SST) in the north western Pacific

  • Author : Ae-Sook, Korea
    Co-Authors : Hong-Joo Yoon, Byong-Jun Hwang
  • Study of warm pools in Tropical Pacific and Indian Ocean using satellite altimeter and SST data 

  • Author : Deep  Shikha Singh, India
    Co-Authors : R.M. Gairola, V.K. Agarwal
  • Multi-sensor Remote Sensing of a Cyanobacterial blooms 

  • Author : Ajit Subramaniam, USA
    Co-Authors : Christopher Brown, Pablo Clemente-Colón, Douglas Capone
  • Retrieval of sea surface velocities using sequential ocean colour monitor (OCM) data 

  • Author : J.S. Prasad, India
    Co-Authors : A.S. Rajawat,Yaswant Pradhan, O. S. Chauhan, S.R. Nayak
  • Observation of oceanic phenomena and ecological processes in the China Seas by multi-sensor data (Invited Talk) 

  • Author : Ming-Xia He,. China 
    Co-Authors : Rui Chen, Wei Huang, Mingqiang Fang

    Multisensor observations and applications - III
    ( 8th Dec.  0900 - 1030 Hrs.)
    Chairpersons: Antony Liu and Ming-Xia He

  • Deriving ocean current from the migration path of green turtle from Taiwan (Invited Talk)

  • Author : Cho-Teng Liu, Taiwan 
    Co-Authors : I-Jiunn Cheng, Dong- Shan Ko
  • Radar investigations of atmospheric and ocean processes in the South sea of Okhotsk 

  • Author : Konstantin Litovchenko, Russia
    Co-Authors : Olga Yu. Lavrova
  • Panoramic radar methods for restoration of sea level and current velocity fields from space 

  • Author : S.V. Pereslegin, Russia
    Co-Authors : M.Yu. Dostovalov, A.Yu. Ivanov, Yu. P.Sinitzin
  • Diadem: An operational monitoring and prediction system for the North Atlantic and Nordic Seas 

  • Author : Geir Evensen, Norway
    Co-Author: Ola M. Johanessen
  • Gander - A constellation of mini-satellites to provide frequent, near real-time observations of sea state 

  • Author : T.D. Allan, UK
  • Long-term total solar irradiance (TSI) variability derived from Earth Radiation Budget Satellite (ERBS) measurements 

  • Author : Robert B. Lee III, USA
    Co-Authors : Robert Wilson, Kory Priestley, Susan Thomas, Jack Paden, Aiman Al-Hajjah, Dhirendra Pandey
  • Remote sensing imperatives of the Global Ocean Observing System (GOOS) (Invited Talk)

  • Author : Colin Summerhayes, France
    Co-Authors : E. Desa, G Swamy
  • Robotic ocean vehicles for marine science applications of the European ASIMOV project

  • Author  : Pascoal Antonio, Portugal
    Co-Authors: Paulo Oliveira, Carlos Silvestre, Luis Sebastião, Manuel Rufino, Victor Barroso, João Gomes, Gerard Ayela, Pascal Coince, Marcus Cardew, Anne Ryan, Hugh Braithwaite, Nicholas Cardew, Jonathan Trepte, Nicolas Seube, J. Champeau, P. Dhaussy,V. Sauce, R. Moitié, Ricardo Santos, Frederico Cardigos, Marc Brussieux, Paul Dando

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