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In view of the tremendous progress achieved in the field of ocean remote sensing during 1980s and the anticipated developments in the field during 1990s, the Pacific Ocean Remote Sensing Conference (PORSEC) was constituted during the International Space Year in 1990, through the initiative of scientists from the Pacific Rim countries. It was to focus attention on the applications of satellite and other forms of remote sensing in the Pacific Ocean and the coastal zone of  the Pacific Rim. PORSEC is  hosted once in every two years by different countries of the Pacific Rim. 

The series of conferences started with the first PORSEC held in  Okinawa, Japan. PORSEC ' 92 held in Okinawa received nearly 200 technical presentations and 120 poster  papers  on  topics  as "diverse as ocean radar, satellite altimetry, polar oceanography, data processing and coastal management ". An International workshop on ocean colour was also held simultaneously with the conference. 
The second  conference  was held at Melbourne, Australia in March 1994. Eighty three technical papers were received during the conference and  they  were  presented  during  13  sessions,  each  dealing  with  different research themes. PORSEC ' 94  was jointly organised  with the 7th Australian Remote  Sensing  Conference (7 ARSC), Commission  5  of  International Society of Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing,  and the Second Australian Photogrammetry  Conference,  which  provided  a  rare  opportunity  for participants of PORSEC for cross interaction between scientists, engineers and planners dealing with diverse issues pertaining to ocean and coastal zone.  

PORSEC ' 96 at Victoria, Canada, had drawn about  100 valuable technical papers  on  different  aspects  of  remote  sensing  techniques  and  their  applications. 

PORSEC ' 98  at  Quindao, China,  was  the 4th  conference of the series.  Many technical papers on remote sensing applications and other aspects on ocean sciences were presented.

During PORSEC 98, it was decided to host PORSEC 2000 at the National Institute of Oceanography (NIO), Goa, India.


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