Scientific Program
Data processing sensor calibration and data management techniques
( 8th Dec.  1045 - 1245 Hrs.)
Chairpersons: R. Navalgund and J. S. Sarupriya
  • Automatic registration of SeaWifs and AVHRR imagery 

  • Author : Zhihua Mao, China
    Co-Authors : Delu Pan, Haiqing Huang
  • Neural networks algorithms for atmosphere-ocean system parameters retrieval using SSM/I data 

  • Author : Elizaveta V. Zabolotskikh, Russia
    Co-Authors : Leonid P. Bobylev, Leonid M. Mitnik, Yuri M. Timofeev, Ola M. Johannessen
  • Very high resolution satellite data: New challenges in image analysis 

  • Author : P.V. Sathe, India
    Co-Authors : P.M. Muralidharan
  • Three years of experiences with on-orbit SeaWiFS calibration. 

  • Author : Ewa J. Ainsworth, USA
    Co-Authors : Sean W. Bailey, Robert A. Barnes, Robert E. Eplee, Frederick S. Patt, Bryan A. Franz, Christina Hsu, Christophe Pietras, Wayne D. Robinson, Mike Schmidt, Menghua Wang, P. Jeremy Werdell, Charles R. McClain
  • Data processing scheme for the retrieval of oceanic parameters using IRS-P4 OCM data 

  • Author : I.V.Ramana, India
    Co-Authors : K.H.Rao, M.V.Rao, S.B.Choudhury, S.K.Bhan
  • Retrieval of biophysical variables through analysis of ocean colour data 

  • Author : Frederic Melin, Italy 
    Co-Authors : Nicolas Hoepffner, Marc Bouvet

      Underwater acoustics
      ( 6th Dec.  1045 - 1245 Hrs.)
      Chairpersons: M. J. Buckingham and D. Srinivasan
    • Acoustic monitoring of the ocean climate of the Arctic (AMOC). 

    • Author : Ola M. Johannessen, Norway
      Co-Authors : H. Sagen, S. Sandven, H. Hobæk, K. Hasselmann, E. Maier-Reimer, U. Mikolajewicz, V. Soldataov, L. Bobylev, E. Evert, P. Wadhams, A. Kaletzky , I. Esipov and K.A. Naugolnykh 
    • Underwater Acoustics: Picking out the sound of rain 

    • Author : G.D.  Quartly, U.K
      Co-Authors : T.H. Guymer,K.G. Birch,J. Smithers,I. Waddington, K. Goy
    • Scattered ambient noise due to acoustically soft and rigid spheres: Implications for acoustic daylight image (Invited Talk)

    • Author : Ardhendu G. Pathak, India
      Co-Authors : Purnima Jalihal
    • Influence of hydrophysical fields on the sound distribution in the Japan sea shelf zone 

    • Author : A.N. Rutenko, Russia
    • A Review of Internal Tide observations by acoustic tomography and altimetry (Invited Talk)

    • Author : Brian Dushaw, USA
    • Acoustic remote sensing of ocean internal waves (Invited Talk)

    • Author : John A. Colosi, USA
    • A short discussion on the artifact creating condition using multibeam bathymetric system in a highly reflecting and smooth bottom 

    • Author : Bishwajit Chakraborty, India

      Sea ice and polar climatic variability
      ( 8th Dec.  1045 - 1245 Hrs.)
      Chairpersons: J. Comiso and T. V. Bhaskara Rao
    • The reduction in the sea-ice in the southern part of the Okhotsk Coast of Hokaido (1892 -1999) 

    • Author : Masaaki Aota, Japan
    • The Warming and Freshening Event in the Beaufort Sea in 1997 (Invited Talk)

    • Author : Jiayan Yang, USA
      Co-Authors : Josefino Comiso, Richard Krishfield, Susumu Honjo
    • Satellite observed variability of Arctic surface temperatures and their correlation to open water areas in the Beaufort and Laptev Seas (Invited Talk)

    • Author : Josefino C. Comiso, USA
    • Teleconnections between the Southern Ocean sea ice cover and the Southern Oscillation (Invited Talk)

    • Author : Rom Kwok, USA
      Co-Authors : Josefino. C. Comiso
    • Sea Ice surface process study of Lady Ann Strait Polynya using ERS-1 SAR imagery(Invited Talk)

    • Author : Konrad Steffen, USA
      Co-Authors : John Heinrichs
    • New evidence on arctic sea ice thinning (Invited Talk)

    • Author : Peter Wadhams, U.K
    • Global connectivity of polarsea ice: differences between Arctic and Antarctic 

    • Author : Xiaojun Yuan, USA

    Meaurement of precipitation using spaceborne sensors
    ( 7th Dec.  1045 - 1245 Hrs.)
    Chairpersons: Peter Bauer and J. Srinivasan
  • Instantaneous and Climatological validation of satellite precipitation estimates(Invited Talk)

  • Author : Joerg Schulz, Germany
  • Assessment of TRMM TMI, DMSP-SSMI and IRS-P4-MSMR observations during precipitation over Indian oceanic region 

  • Author : R.M. Gairola, India 
    Co-Authors : A.K. Varma , B.S. Gohil, V.K Agarwal
  • Comparison of monthly precipitation derived from TRMM instruments 

  • Author : Dong Bin Shin, USA 
    Co-Authors : Long S. Chiu, Menas Kafatos
  • Estimation of the realtime rainfall using TRMM and GMS data 

  • Author : Young-Seup Kim, Korea 
    Co-Authors : Kyung-Won Park, Ae-Sook Suh, Hong-Ju Yoon
  • Bayesian techniques for precipitation profile retrieval from spaceborne microwave sensors (Invited Talk)

  • Author : F.S. Marzano, Italy 
    Co-Authors : S. Di Michel, A. Mugnai, A. Tassa
  • Combined TRMM TMI-PR rainfall estimation 

  • Author : P.Bauer, U.K.
  • Combined INSAT/TRMM precipitation index over the Indian monsoon region

  • Author : Amita V. Mehta, USA
  • Rain rate measurement from IRS-P4 MSMR 

  • Author : A. K. Varma , India
    Co-Authors : R. M.Gairola, A. K. Mathur, B. S. Gohil, V. K. Agarwal

      Marine optics - I
      ( 6th Dec.  1400 - 1530 Hrs.)
      Chairpersons: A. Morel and Shubha Sathyendranath
    • Semi analytic bio-optical Algorithm:  Use for case II waters 

    • Author : V.I. Burenkov, Russia
      Co-Authors : S.V.Ershova, O.V.Kopelevich, S.V.Sheberstov
    • Analysis of ocean optical data in the South Yellow Sea 

    • Author : Author : Jingping Ren, China
      Co-Authors : Kecun FU, Jinping Zhao
    • Fluorescence of dissolved organics in Saginaw as evidenced in the upwelling radience spectra assessed impact on the implication for the accuracy of water quality retrievals 

    • Author : Pozdnyakov D.V, Russia
      Co-Authors : Schuchman R. A., Tanis F., Lyaskovsky A. V., Lyzenga. D
    • Seasonal variation of the primary production estimated from the natural fluorescence observed by a moored buoy in the Japan Sea

    • Author : Tomohiro Horiuchi, Japan
      Co-Authors : Yasuhiro Senga
    • Influence of auxiliary pigments on phytoplankton absorption: implications for remote sensing of ocean colour 

    • Author : Shubha Sathyendranath, Canada
      Co-Authors : Trevor Platt, Venetia Stuart, Heidi Maass and Brian Irwin
    • Retrieval of water constituents through IRS P4 OCM (Indian Remote Sensing Satellite P4 Ocean color Monitor) spectral light absorptivity by yellow substance in coastal waters of Goa 

    • Author : H.B. Menon, India
      Co-Authors : Mohan M. Nayak S.R., Navalgund

      Marine optics - II
      ( 6th Dec.  1545 - 1715 Hrs.)
      Chairpersons: A. Morel and Shubha Sathyendranath

    • Water leaving radiance from coastal waters of Goa

    • Author: H. B. Menon
      Co-Authors: M. Mohan, S. R. Nayak, R. Navalgund
    • Seasonal and intra-annual variations of surface chlorophyll-a level in the open Black Sea: Comparison of satellite and ships investigation results.

    • Author : Oleg Yunev, Ukrain
      Co-Authors : Vladimir Vedernikov, Sergey Scheberstov, Oleg Kopelevich, Vadim Suetin, Ozden Basturk
    • On integrating satellite derived chlorophyll over euphotic depth 

    • Author : S.K. Singh, India
      Co-Authors : Mini Raman, R.M. Dwivedi, Shailesh Nayak
    • Estimation of chlorophyll profile using IRS P4 OCM and a vertical distribution model in the North Eastern Arabian Sea 

    • Author : Mini Raman, India
      Co-Authors : R.M. Dwivedi, Shailesh Nayak
    • Retrieval of chlorophyll-a and total suspended sediments using IRS P3/MOS-B data A case study on Chilika lagoon, Orissa, India

    • Author : N.C. Das, India
      Co-Authors : A.S Rajwat, J.S.Prasad, T. Anuradha, B. K. Nayak,P.Kumar, G. Behera, P.K. Panigrahy
    • Application of SeaWIFS data for determination of chlorophyll-a concentration in the Pearl River estuary

    • Author : Chuqun Chen, China
      Co-Authors : Ping SHI, Magnus Lasison, Lennart Jonsson

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