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The course will focus on how the use of each remote sensing data product could potentially enhance present understanding of the Indian Ocean.

Course topics 
Ocean Color 
Microwave Remote Sensing for Ocean Application 
High Resolution Sensors for Coastal Studies 

The course will consist of two parts
1. Class room lectures
2. Handson experience on data handling

Duration  : 
3 Days
1-12-2000 (Friday), 2-12-2000 (Saturday), 4-12-2000 (Monday)

Number of Participants
30 Ocean researchers from Universities/Institutes 

International Center Goa, India

Contact Person
Dr. Prasanna Kumar
PORSEC 2000 Secretariat
National Institute of Oceanography
Dona Paula, Goa 403 004, India.
E-mail :

Deadline for receiving application form
Application form in the format given below should reach PORSEC 2000 committee on or before 15 August 2000.

Participants will be  intimated the confirmation of registration by 15 September 2000  through post or e-mails

Course Fee
US$ 200 for foreign participants
Rs.  2000 for Indian participants

Fees can be sent in as

  • Demand draft drawn in favour of LOC  PORSEC-2000 

  • Payable at State Bank of India, Dona Paula, Goa-403 004, India.
  • SWIFT  mode to the account of

  • Local organising Committe,PORSEC 2000,SBI, Dona Paula
    SWIFT No : SBIN IN BBA 120
    Limited partial financial support will be provided to the most needy applicants from developing countries.

    Course Curriculum
    Ocean Color
    • Fundamentals of remote sensing of Ocean color
      • Optical properties of water
      • physical basis of ocean color sensing
      • Ocean color sensors, characteristics, applications,status,limitations & future developments
      • Familiarization with IRS P4 data handling
    • Techniques for parameter retrieval from ocean color data 
      • Atmospheric correction techniques
      • retrieval of ocean parameters
      • Operational algorithm for choroplyll retrieval
    • Ocean color applications
      • Ocean color as a tool for potential fishing zone identification
      • Ocean primary productivity - Models and algorithms
      • Ocean color data - A tool to study ocean processes and dynamics
      • sedimentation dynamics using IRD P4 color data in coastal and esturine areas
      • Generation of aerosol maps from ocean color data
    Microwave Remote Sensing for Ocean Application
    • Principles of Microwave Remote sensing 
    • Passive Sensing
      • Passive radiometers

      • MSMR
      • Retrieval of Ocean And Marine Atmosphere Parameter

      • Total Water Vapour
        Sea Surface Winds
        Sea surface Temperature
    • Active Sensing
      • Active Sensors

      • Scatterometer (ERS)
        Altimeter  (GoeSat,ERS,TOPEX)
        SAR (ERS)
      • Retrieval of Ocean and Marine Atmosphere Parameter

      • Sea Surface Wind Vector
        Sea Surface Heights
        Currents & Eddies
        Bathymetry & Sea Mounts
        Internal Waves
        Ocean Surface Waves
    High Resolution Sensor Products for Coastal Studies
    • Integrated Coastal Zone Management
      • Coastal Zone Mapping & Monitoring 
      • Various high resolution sensors available for coastal studies
      • Digital Analysis & GIS for coastal studies
      • Coastal Environmental Impact - Case study
      • Geo-environmental studies using IRS-LISS & PAN
      • Estuarine & Lagoonal studies using high resolution data 

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