Scientific Program
Synthethic aperture radar - I
       ( 5th Dec.  1400 - 1530 Hrs.)
Chairpersons: W. Alpers and S. K. Bhan
  • Internal wave study in the south china sea using SAR 

  • Author : Anthony K. Liu, USA
    Co-Authors : Ming-Kuang Hsu
  • Ocean eddies in the synthetic aperture radar images 

  • Author : Andrei Yu Ivanov, Russia
    Co-Authors : Anna I. Ginzburg, Alexander G. Ostrovskii
  • Using SAR to study the bottom topography in Taiwan Tan

  • Author : Ming Kuang Hsu, China
    Co-Authors : Antony, K. Liu, Leonid M. Mitnik
  • Sea surface circulations through the Lombok Strait studied by ERS SAR 

  • Author : Lionid M. Mitnik, Russia
    Co-Authors : Werner Alpers
  • On the disappearence of RADAR signatures of internal solitary waves on ERS SAR images

  • Author : Kan Zeng, Germany
    Co-Authors : Werner Alpers
  • Two-Dimensional directional wave spectra measured by along track interferometric SAR 

  • Author : Yijun He, China
    Synthethic aperture radar - II
        (5th Dec. 1545 - 1715 Hrs)
    Chairpersons: W. Alpers and K. S. Rao
  • SAR observation of dynamic processes in the Bering strait 

  • Author : Olga Yu Lavrova, Russia
    Co-Authors : Konstantin D. Sabinin
  • A New Approach to the Resolution of 180° Ambiguity in SAR Images of Ocean Waves 

  • Author : Jingsong Yang, China
    Co-Authors  : Weigen Huang, Changbao Zhou
  • Sar observations of the Bohai sea and the Korea Bay region 

  • Author : Pablo Clemente-Colón, USA
    Co-Authors : Xiaofeng Li, Quanan Zheng,Xi-H. Yan,Cheryl Bertoia, Paul Chang,Willam G. Pichel, Karen Friedman
  • SAR interferometry for polar ice studies 

  • Author : Balaji H. Kasal, India
    Co-Authors : K.S. Rao
  • Wave directional spectrum from SAR imagery 

  • Authors : A.A. Fernandes, India
    Co-Authors : Y.V.B. Sarma, H.B. Menon, P.Vethamony
  • Retrieval of Internal wave amplitude from SAR data: A case study 

  • Author : Ming Xia He, China 
    Co-Authors : Chaofang Zhao, Quan Feng, Laibu Wang

      Remote sensing of the parameters defining the rate of air-sea gas transfer
           (6th Dec. 1045 - 1245 Hrs.)
      Chairpersons: Ming-Xia He and M. Dilip Kumar
    • Breaking wind waves and atmosphere-ocean gas exchange 

    • Author : Roman S. Bortkovoskii, Russia
    • Oceanic whitecaps: Features of the sea surface readily detectable via satellite remote sensing that are direct indicators of the magnitude of the air-sea transfer coefficient for climate gases such as carbon dioxide 

    • Author : Edward C. Monahan, USA
    • Study of air-sea CO2 gas transfer on basis of wave breaking model - study of the relationship between non-dimensional roughnesslength and wave age, effected by wave directionality

    • Author : Naoya Suzuki, Japan
      Co-Authors : Naoto Ebuchi, Isao Watabe, Yasuhiro Sugimori
    • Advanced analysis of the relationship between non-dimentional roughness length and wave age using tower-based measurements for study of air –sea CO2 transfer using satellite 

    • Author : Naoya Suzuki, Japan
      Co- Authors : Naota Ebuchi, Masatoshi Akiyama, Yasuhiro Sugimori
    • A priliminary study of air sea CO2 flux and its seasonal variation in the northest pacific ocean

    • Author : Chaofang Zhao, China
      Co- Authors : Rui Chen, MingXia He
    • Seasonal change in effect of surface pCO and air-sea exchange in the Arabian Sea.

    • Author : Vedula V. S.S. Sarma, France

    Measurement of ocean currents, winds and waves using space borne altimeters - I
          (5th Dec. 1400 - 1530 Hrs.)
    Chairpersons: H. Kawamura and Ge Chen
  • North Pacific circulation variability from TOPEX/POSEIDON sea level observations 

  • Author : Alberto Mestas-Nunez, USA
    Co-Authors : Dudley B. Chelton, David B. Enfield
  • Altimeter derived flow field over a newly identified coastal ocean boundary in the eastern Arabian Sea 

  • Author : M.K. Antony, India
    Co-Authors : Y.K. Somayajula, G. Narayana Swamy
  • Recent advances in remote sensing of extra-tropical Rossby waves 

  • Author : Paolo Cipollini, U.K
    Co-Authors : Peter G. Challenor, David romwell, Katherine L. Hill, Graham D. Quartly, Ian S. Robinson
  • Signatures of Kelvin and Rossby wave propagation in the Northern Indian Ocean from TOPEX/POSEIDON altimeter 

  • Author : S. Prasanna Kumar, India
    Co-Authors : A.S. Unnikrishnan, P. M. Muralidharan
  • Wind driven circulation in the subarctic North Pacific using altimeter data 

  • Author : Osamu Isoguchi, Japan
    Co-Authors : Hiroshi Kawamura
  • Eddy detection in the northeast Pacific from TOPEX/POSEIDON altimetry using signal processing technique 

  • Author : Sujit Basu, India
    Measurement of ocean currents, winds and waves using space borne altimeters - II
          (5th Dec. 1545 - 1715 Hrs)
    Chairpersons: H. Kawamura and Ge Chen
  • Strong Northeastward current outside of the east China sea 

  • Author : Hiroshi Ichikawa, Japan 
    Co-Authors : Hirohiko Nakamura, Ayako Nishina
  • On the seasonal inconsistency of altimeter wind speed algorithms

  • Author : Ge Chen, China
    Co-Authors : Hui Lin
  • A semi-theoretical wind speed algorithm for TOPEX altimeter at high wind speeds 

  • Author : Yijun He, China 
  • Modification of winds and waves by the Kuroshio in the Yellow and East China Seas

  • Pual A.Hwang, USA 
    Co-Authors : William J. Teague, Gregg A. Jacobs
  • Empirical and theoretical models of altimeter ocean backscatter for wind speed retrieval 

  • Author : Christine Gommenginger, USA
    Co-Authors : Meric Srokosz, Craig Anderson, Trevor Macklin
  • Wave climatology of the Indian ocean derived from Altimetry and hindcasted from wave model

  • Author : P. Vethamony, India 
    Co-Authors : L.V.G. Rao, Raj Kumar, Abhijit Sarkar, M. Mohan, K. Sudheesh, S.B. Karthikeyan
  • Wind, waves and rain changes in special distributions and intercorrelation

  • Author : G.D. Quartly, U.K
    Co-Authors : T.H. Guymer, M.A. Srokosz

      Ocean atmosphere interaction observed by new spaceborne sensors -I
          (6th Dec. 1045 - 1245 Hrs)
      Chairpersons: W. Timothy Liu and C. Prabhakara
    • Oceanic and atmospheric propagations of instability waves 

    • Author : W Timothy Liu, USA
      Co-Authors : Xiaosu Xie
    • An algorithm for determining the radiance reflected from the rough sea surface using MODIS-N satellite radiometer data 

    • Author : Kusiel S. Shifrin, USA
    • The determination of the vertical atmospheric temperature gradient near the sea surface from MODIS-N data. 

    • Author : Kusiel S. Shifrin, USA
    • The impact of altimeter  observation on ENSO prediction 

    • Author : Dake Chen, USA
    • Synergistic use of Scatterometers, Model Output and Conventional Observations in Construction of Consistent Climate Record at the Ocean-atmosphere Interface 

    • Author : Gad Levy, USA
    • The scientific rationale and future prospects for surface salinity measurements from satellites (Invited Talk)

    • Author : Gary S.E. Lagerloef, USA 
    • Analysis of surface velocity fields 

    • Author : Gary S.E.Lagerloef, USA
      Co-Authors : Gary Mitchum, Antonio Busalacchi, Roger Lukas (Invited Talk)
    • Global Change Observation Mission (GCOM) 

    • Author : Haruhisa Shimoda, Japan 

      Ocean atmosphere interaction observed by new spaceborne sensors - II
          ( 6th Dec.  1400 - 1530 Hrs.)
      Chairpersons: W. Timothy Liu and Ramesh Kakar

    • TRMM microwave radiometer rain rate estimation method with convective and stratiform discrimination

    • Author : C. Prabhakara, USA
      Co-Authors : R. Iacovazzi Jr., J. M. Yoo
    • TRMM microwave radiometer rain retrievals of hurricanes and cyclones 

    • Author : C. Prabhakara, USA
      Co-Authors : R. Iacovazzi Jr., G. Dalu, J. M. Yoo
    • Applying TRMM and NASA  scatterometer observations to investigate the mechanisms that control the onset of the rainy season in the tropical South America 

    • Author : Rong Fu, USA
    • Direct retrieval of ocean surface evaporation and latent heat flux from spacebased observations 

    • Author : W. Timothy Liu, USA
      Co-Authors : Wenqing Tang
    • Intercomparison of observed and model generated radiative fluxes in clear, cloudy, and aerosol regions over ocean areas 

    • Author : Sundar A.Christiphor, USA
    • Mechanisms of Chlorophyll variabilitiy in the Indonesian Archipelego during 1997-98 El-Nino and the 1998-99 La-Nina : A synergy of  remotely sensed ocean colour , SST and altimetry (Invited Talk)

    • Author :  Thomas S. Moore II , USA 
      Co-Authors :John Marra

      Ocean atmosphere interaction observed by new spaceborne sensors -III
          ( 6th Dec.  1545 - 1715 Hrs.)
      Chairpersons: W. Timothy Liu and V. Jayaraman

    • On-orbit radiometric performance results of CERES instruments aboard Tropical Rainfall Measuring Mission (TRMM) and Earth Observing System Terra Spacecraft 

    • Author : Susan Thomas, USA
      Co-Authors : R. B. Lee III, K. J. Priestley, B. R. Barkstrom, R. S. Wilson, A. AL-Hajjah, J. Paden, D. K. Pandey, G. L. Smith
    • On satallite scatterometer model functions 

    • Author : R. A. Brown, USA
    • The Tropical rainfall measuring mission (TRMM)- what have we learned and what does the future hold?(Invited Talk)

    • Author : R.Kakar USA 
      Co-Authors : C. Kummerow
    • The status and future of Chinese Meteorological satellite (Invited Talk)

    • Author : Liu Yujie, China
    • Remote Sensing of the Indo-Pacific Region Ocean color, sea-level, winds, precipitation, and SSTs.              Author : Raguram Murtugudde, USA

    Measurements of wind using scatterometers and applications to tropical cyclone analysis
        ( 8th Dec.  1045 - 1245 Hrs.)
    Chairpersons: K. Katsaros and P. V. Joseph
  • Interseasonal variation of surface winds in the tropical Pacific-Indian oceans during 1997-98 EI Nino Event  Use of satellite scatterometer data 

  • Author : Kunio Kutsuwada, Japan
    Co-Authors : Takahiro Kazama
  • An improved antenna configuration of Fan-Beam scatterometer for measuring sea surface wind vector

  • Author : B.S. Gohil, India
    Co-Authors : Raj Kumar
  • Scatterometer derived winds over Arabian sea in relation to onset  of South West monsoon (Invited Talk)

  • Author : P.C. Joshi, India
    Co-Authors : B. Simon, J. Balakarthikeyan
  • Seasonal variation of wind fields derived from Space –borne scaterrometer in the Northwest Pacific ocean 

  • Author : Chaofang Zhao, China 
    Co-Authors : Qian Feng, Ming Xia He
  • Asian flooding induced by Marine Winds (Invited Talk)

  • Author : W. Timothy Liu, USA 
    Co-Authors :  Son V. Nghiem
  • The Seawind Scatterometer on QickSCAT for tropical cyclone analysis(Invited Talk) 

  • Author : Kristina Katsaros, USA 
    Co-Authors : Evan Forde, Eric Uhlhorn, Mark Powell
  • Sea surface cooling caused by typhoon in the western north pacific ocean 

  • Author : M. Suetsugu, Japan
    Co-Authors : H. Kawamura
  • Seasonal variability of offshore upwelling estimated from ERS-1/2 wind vectors.

  • Author : Sree Ram, India.
    Co-Author : P.M.Mohan, M.M.Ali, K. Gopala Reddy

    Polar Oceanography
       ( 8th Dec.  0900 - 1030 Hrs.)
    Chairpersons: O. M. Johanessen and P. C. Pandey
  • Two decades of microwave satellite observation of Arctic Sea Ice variablity and trends 

  • Author : Ola M. Johannessen, Norway
    Co-Authors : Knut A. Lisæter, Helge Drange, Geir Evesensen
  • Barotropic and baroclinic components of the semidiurnal tidal flow in the South African Sector of the Southern Ocean

  • Author : I.L.Bashmatchnikov, Russia
  • Air surveys for sea frontal  zones search  and identification in the Noregian and Barents Seas. 

  • Author : Vladimir. B. Zabavnikov, Russia
  • Air monitoring of ice conditions in the Arctic Seas 

  • Author : Vladimir. B. Zabavnikov, Russia
    Co-Authors : Vladimir. I. Chernook
  • Remote sensing of Antarctic sea – ice from IRS- P4 MSMR Data 

  • Author : N.K. Vyas, India
    Co-Authors : Mihir Dash

    Passive microwave remote sensing of ocean and atmosphere
       ( 8th Dec.  0900 - 1030 Hrs.)
    Chairpersons: L. Mitnik and M. S. Narayanan
  • Microwave polarisation studies of the sea surface perturbed by wind gusts

  • Author : M.G.Bulatov, Russia
    Co-Authors : M.S.Dzura, Yu. A.Kravtsov M.D.Raev and E.I.Skvortsov.
  • Ocean surface temperature and wind vector measurements by airborne radiometers 

  • Author : Michael N. Pospelov, Russia
    Co-Authors : Alexey V. Kuzmin, Yuri G. Trokhimovski
  • Validation of MSMR geophysical parameter data products 

  • Author : M. M. Ali, India
  • Intercomparison of IRS-P4 MSMR derived geophysical products with DMSP-SSM/I, TRMM-TMI, NOAA-AVHRR finished products 

  • Author : A.K. Varma, India
    Co-Authors : R.M. Gairola, A.K. Mathur, B.S. Gohil, V.K. Agarwal
  • Evolution characteristics of the summer monsoon over India using microwave channel retrieval

  • Authors : V.S. Prasad, India 
    Co-Authors : K.J. Ramesh, S. Pattnaik, R.K. Paliwal
  • Analysis of cloud liquid water from IRS-P4 and NWP model output 

  • Authors : Someshwar Das, India 
    Co-Authors : A.K. Mitra, D. Rajan, R. K. Paliwal, U. C. Mohanthy and A. P. Mishra
  • Geophysical parameters retrieval over global oceans from IRS-P4/MSMR

  • Author : B.S. Gohil, India
    Co-Authors : A.K. Marthur, A.K. Varma

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