Scientific Program

Modeling and assimilation of remote sensing data into numerical models - I
 ( 6th Dec.  1400 - 1530 Hrs.)
Chairpersons: S. Nakamoto and U. C. Mohanty
  • Use of air/sea fluxes from satellite measurements for ocean modeling 

  • Author : Yves Quilfen, France
    Co-Authors : A. Bentamy, K. Katsaros, G. Lorand
  • Seasonal-to-interannual ocean variabilities: Combining altimetry and models 

  • Author : Ichiro Fukumori, USA
    Co-Authors : R.Giering, T.Lee, D.Menemenlis, L.L.Fu
  • Indian Ocean circulation : An integrated model and remote sensing study 

  • Author : Vibeke E.J.Haugen, Norway
    Co-Authors : Geir Evensen, Ola M. Johannessen
  • Biological Modulation of Sea Surface Temperature 

  • Author : Robert Frouin, USA
    Co-Authors : Soichiro Nakamoto, Alexandre Paci, Arthur Miller , Sam F. Iacobellis
  • Interannual and interdecadal variability in an intermediate coupled model of the tropical Pacific: role of the Madden-Julian Oscillation.

  • Author : D. Gushchina, Russia
    Co-Authors : B. Dewitte, Y. duPenhoat
  • Vertically resolved primary production model for satellite remote sensing 

  • Author : Ichio Asanuma, Japan
    Co-Authors : Kazuhiko Matsumoto, Takeshi Kawano

    Modeling and assimilation of remote sensing data into numerical models - II
     ( 6th Dec.  1545 - 1715 Hrs.)
    Chairpersons: S. Nakamoto and U. C. Mohanty

  • Chlorophyll modulation of mixed layer thermodynamic in an isopycnal general circulation model: An example from Arabian Sea and Equatorial Pacific

  • Author : S. Nakamoto, Japan
    Co-Authors : S. Prasanna Kumar, J.M. Oberhuber , H. Saito, K. Muneyama
  • Interannual variability of the Indian Ocean from multi-sensor satellites and model simulations 

  • Author : James.  O’brien, USA
    Co-Authors : David. M. Legler, Bulusu Subrahmanyam
  • SST prediction for extended range integration of atmospheric general circulation model 

  • Author : P.K. Pal, India
    Co-Authors : C.M. Kishtawal, N. Agarwal
  • Assimilation of satellite data in Indian Ocean model: Few examples

  • Author : Sujit Basu, India
    Co-Authors : Raj Kumar, S.K Singh, V.K. Agarwal
  • Assimilation of MSMR data in the global data assimilation system and its impact on the medium range weather forecast 

  • Author : S.R.H. Rizvi, India 
    Co-Authors : Rupa Kamineni, R.K. Paliwal, U.C. Mohanty
  • Does altimetric data assimilation improve the modeling of the tropical Pacific Ocean  ?

  • Author : L. Gourdeau, France 
    Co-Authors : J.Verron, T. Delcroix, R. Murtugudde
  • Objective analysis of IRSP4/MSMR data for use in NWP

  • Authors : A.K. Mitra, India 
    Co-Authors : D. Rajan, S. Das, R. K. Paliwal, U. C. Mohanty, A. P. Mishra

      Climate and Circulation of the Indian Ocean - I
      ( 7th Dec.  1045 - 1245 Hrs.)
      Chairpersons: D. Halpern and L. V. G. Rao
    • The annual cycle and interannual variability of  surface fields over the Indian ocean 

    • Author : P.K.Mohanty, India
      Co-Authors : S.K.Dash
    • Interannual and Interaseasonal variation of the moisture transport over the Indian ocean and Western Pacific 

    • Author : Nataly A. Vyazilova, Russia
    • A numerical study of dynamics for sea surface cooling near the Indian tip during the winter monsoon 

    • Author : Alvarinho J. Luis, Japan
      Co-Authors : Hiroshi Kawamura
    • Sverdrup circulation of the Indian Ocean from satellite microwave scatterometer wind measurements 

    • Author : Benny N. Peter, India
      Co-Authors : P.V. Sanal Kumar
    • Mixed layer depth simulated from 1-D model of the Arabian Sea(Invited Talk) 

    • Author : A. K. S. Gopalan, India
      Co-Authors : MM Ali, K.N. Babu, Rashmi Sharma, B. S. R. Reddy
    • Thermodynamic model of the mixed layer depth over bay of Bengal 

    • Author : P. K. Pal, India
      Co-Authors : M.M.Ali
    • The inter-annual variability of SST, wind speed and sea surface height anomaly over the tropical Indian Ocean 

    • Author : P.M. Muraleedharan, India
      Co-Authors : T. Pankajakshan, P.V. Sathe

      Climate and Circulation of the Indian Ocean - II
      ( 7th Dec.  1400 - 1530 Hrs.)
      Chairpersons: S. Hastenrath and R. R. Rao

    • Coherence Analysis of surface winds during monsoon season 

    • Author : Abhijit Sarkar, India
      Co-Authors : Sujit Basu, A.K Varma, Jignesh Kshatriya
    • Influence of the Upper ocean stratification on the cyclogenesis in the Bay of Bengal (Invited Talk)

    • Author : V.S.N. Murthy, India
      Co-Authors : M.S.S. Sarma
    • Surface layer temperature Inversions in the Bay of Bengal 

    • Author : Pankajakshan Thadathil, India
      Co- Author : V. V. Gopalakrishna, P. M .Muralidharan, G. V. Reddy, A. Neelesh
    • Variability of surface heat flux over the Indian Ocean 

    • Author : Hiroyuki Tomita, Japan
      Co-Authors : Masahisa Kubota
    • Intra-seasonal variability of the Indian summer monsoon and SST over the bay of bengal: sensitivity studies using NCMRWF global model 

    • Author : Sarat C. Kar, Russia 
      Co-Authors : R.K. Paliwal
    • Organised deep convection over tropical Indian and West Pacific Oceans 

    • Author : Babu C.A, India 
      Co-Authors : P.V. Joseph, C.P. Neema

      Climate and Circulation of the Indian Ocean - III
      ( 7th Dec.  1545 - 1715 Hrs.)
      Chairpersons: S. Hastenrath and P. G. Kurup

    • The variability of Indian Summer Monsoon and its Relation with Heat Budget Components over Monsoon Region (Invited Talk)

    • Author :  U.C. Mohanty
      Co-Authors : R.Bhatla, India , P.V.S. Raju, O.P. Madan
    • Application of Indian Ocean remote sensing data for study of Indian NE monsoon in relation to the SHET activity 

    • Author : Medha Khole, India 
      Co-Authors : U.S. De
    • Anomalous circulation in the eastern equatorial Indian Ocean during southwest monsoon of 1994 

    • Author : A.S. Unnikrishnan, India
      Co-Authors : V.S.N Murty, M.T. Babu, C. K. Gopinathan, R. J. K. Charayulu 
    • Inter-annual variability of surface and meteorological parameters over the Arabian 

    • Author : R.P. Singh, India 
      Co-Authors : N. C. Mishra, Sudipta Sarkar, K.V. Raghava Reddy, A.K. Sahoo
    • Satellite Observations of Somali Jet in the Arabian Sea

    • Author : D. Halpern, USA

    Remote sensing of fishery resources and marine ecology - I
    ( 5th Dec.  1400 - 1530 Hrs.)
    Chairpersons: A. K. S. Gopalan and H. Nakata
  • Use of AVHRR Imagery to detect Taiwan Strait: Fishing ground upwelling during the summer monsoon

  • Author : Dan Ling Tang, Japan
    Co-Authors : Dana R. Kester, I-Hsun Ni, Huansheng Hong, Kawamura Hiroshi
  • Satellite observations and model predictions of toxic algae blooms in coastal waters 

  • Author : Lassen H. Pettersson, Norway
    Co-Authors : Dominique Durand, Ola M. Johannessen
  • Synergistic analysis of satellite derived chlorophyll and SST features for fisheries application 

  • Author : H.U. Solanki, India
    Co-Authors : R.M. Dwivedi, S.R. Nayak
  • Interrelationship of temperature, chlorophyll and primary productivity in the Arabian sea: Its implications to satellite based fishery forecast 

  • Author : Beena Kumari, India
    Co-Authors : S.R. Nayak
  • Coral reefs of the Gulf of Kachchh: Their present status & ecogeomorphological zonation using high resolution satellite data 

  • Author : Bahuguna Anjali, India
    Co-Authors : Deshmukh B., Nayak S.R., Patel B.H

    Remote sensing of fishery resources and marine ecology - II
    ( 5th Dec.  1545 - 1715 Hrs.)
    Chairpersons: A. K. S. Gopalan and H. Nakata

  • Meso-scale oceanographic features in the Enshu-Nada Sea off the Pacific coast of Japan and their implications for pelagic fish recruitment

  • Author : Hideaki Nakata, Japan
  • Airborne remote sensing researches of marine environment for evaluation of pelagic fish distribution

  • Author : Vladimir. B. Zabavnikov, Russia
    Co-Authors : Vladimir I. Chernook
  • Surface green blue algae bloom in lake Baikal detection using SAR imagery and control by hydrophysics 

  • Author : Sergei V. Semovski, Russia
    Co-Authors : Galina I.Poposkaya, Werner Alpers
  • Generation of composite image using OCM chlorophyll and NOAA AVHRR SST for locating potential fishing grounds 

  • Author : H.U. Solanki, India
    Co-Authors : R.M. Dwivedi, S.R. Nayak
  • Robust chaos in phytoplankton dynamics 

  • Author : Vikas Rai, India 
    Co-Authors : Girija Jayaraman
  • Application of ADEOS/OCTS data in detecting PFZ off Japan 

  • Author : Hidio Tameishi, Japan
    Co-Authors : Pravakar Mishra, Takashigae Sugimoto

      Air sea interaction - I
      ( 7th Dec.  1400 - 1530 Hrs.)
      Chairpersons: R. A. Brown and S. Sethu Raman
    • Large-scale regimes of air-sea-land interactions as described by  models and validated by satellite observations 

    • Author : Vladimir V. Kozoderov, Russia
    • Reaction of oceanic surface on passage of anemobaric formations in the South-Kuril Area 

    • Author : Andrew  A. Bobkov, Russia
      Co-Authors : Alexander A.Michurin
    • The impact of satellite microwave remote sensing on air-sea Interaction and climate 

    • Author : Robert A. Brown, USA
    • Effects of spatial structure on the microwave evaporation duct.

    • Author : M.L.Heron, Australia
      Co-Authors : R.L. Jaycock, A.S. Kulessa, G.S. Woods 
    • Long-term variability of coastal topography-Air-Sea interaction relating to generation of the Japan Sea proper water 

    • Author : Kawamura H, Japan
      Co-Authors : P.M.Wu, L. Alvarinho
    • The statistical analysis between SST and OLR derived from NOAA AVHRR over the tropical ocean 

    • Authors : V. Rajeswara Rao, India 
      Co-Authors : Devendra Singh, R.C. Bhatia

      Air sea interaction - II
      ( 7th Dec.  1545 - 1715 Hrs.)
      Chairpersons: R. A. Brown and D. V. Bhashara Rao

    • Accurateness of latent heat flux derived from satellite data 

    • Author : Atsuko Kano, Japan
      Co-Authors : Masahisa Kubota
    • Satellite analyses of the air/sea interactions during the winter to spring transition in the northeast north pacific ocean 

    • Author : John W. Foerster, USA
    • The seasonal and interannual variation of the heat budget of the mixed layer in the North Pacific 

    • Author : Masanori Konda, Japan
      Co-Authors : Miho Toypda , Taiyo Kobayashi , Norihisa imasato , Akira Shibata
    • Direct retrieval of the surface latent heat flux from IRS-P4/ MSMR brightness temperature data

    • Author : A.K. Mathur, India
      Co-Authors : B. Simon, B.S. Gohil, V.K. Agarwal
    • Inter-realtionship among SST, watre vapour and outgoing long wave radiation over the Indo-Pacific region as seen from the TOVS pathfinder data.

    • Author : Amita Mehta, U.S.A
      Co-Authors : Joel Susskind
    • A study of Land-Air-Sea Interaction using satellite remote sensing

    • Author : Sethu Raman, USA

    Thermal infrared remote sensing, skin SST and its relationship to bulk SST and heat budget of the upper ocean 
    ( 7th Dec.  1045 - 1245 Hrs.)
    Chairpersons: William Emery and Ae-Sook Suh
  • Accuracy of in situ sea surface temperatures used to calibrate infrared satellite measurements 

  • Author : William J. Emery, USA
    Co-Authors : D. J. Baldwin, Peter Schlüssel,R.E. Reynolds
  • Infrared interferometric measurements of the sea-surface temperature in the tropical Pacific Ocean. 

  • Author : Peter J. Minnett, USA
  • Sea surface temperature over tropical Indian ocean from TRMM 

  • Author : Andreas Albert, Germany
  • On the accuracy of the Pathfinder SST retrieval in the northern Indian Ocean 

  • Author : W. Shi, USA
    Co-Authors : J. M. Morrison
  • Development of GMS-5 sea surface temperature retrieval algorithm

  • Author : Byong-Jun Hwang, Korea
    Co-Authors : Ae-Sook Suh, Xianqian Wu
  • Validation of SST derived from NOAA AVHRR with observed SST from drifting BUOY 

  • Author : Devendra Singh, India 
    Co-Author : R.C. Bhatia, V. Rajeswara Rao, H. V. Gupta
  • Validation  and analysis of sea surface temperature from ATSR in the tropical and northwest Pacific 

  • Author : Lei Guan, China 
    Co-Authors : Rui Chen, Ming-Xia He
  • Climatology from pathfinder AVHRR sea surface temperature data 

  • Author : Edward Armstrong USA 
    Co-Authors : Jorge Vazquez, Rosanna Sumagaysay

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