Scientific Program

Poster Presentation
    Poster Session - I
    ( 5th Dec. &  6th Dec.) 
    Adjucators : J. Morrison, R. C. Panigrahy and L. V. G. Rao
  • A Study on comparison of total ozone retrieved from NOAA satellite TOVS data and Dobson spectrophotometer over India 

  • Authors : H.V.Gupta, India 
    Co-Authors : A.K. Sharma, S.K. Srivastav
  • Time series of polynyas in the Antarctic ocean 

  • Authors : Mikio Naganobu, Japan 
    Co-Authors : Kyohei Segawa
  • Optimum interpolation of SeaWiFS chlorophyll images 

  • Authors : Kyohei Segawa, Japan 
  • Classifying the clouds according to their brightness temperature 

  • Authors : M.R. Mobasheri, Iran 
  • Low-frequency waves in the Antarctic circumpolar current from altimeter data 

  • Author : A.K. Gusev, Russia
    Co-Authors : V. R. Fouks, E. A. Zakharchuk
  • Total liquid water content distribution in Marine Strati from microwave remote sensing 

  • Author : Mariya Shoom, Russia
    Co-Authors : Leonid Mitnik, Jough-Tai Wang
  • Comparison of barotrotropic currents given by the TOPEX/ POSEIDON model and the data of observations for the south african sector of the Southern Ocean 

  • Author : I.L. Bashmatchnikov, Russia
  • Ocean Wave Model : Sensitivity experiments

  • Author : Raj Kumar
    Co-Authors : Abhijit Sarkar, V.K.Agarwal, Vihang Bhatt, B. Prasad Kumar and S. K. Dube
  • Biological Implications of processes at the continental shelf break 

  • Author : Amala Mahadevan, USA 
  • Trends in sea surface temperature in the north Indian Ocean during 1995-98 

  • Author : S. K. Sasamal, India
    Co-Authors : M.V.Rao, K.H.Rao, S.B.Choudhary, I.V.Ramana, S.K. Dash
  • Significance of upper ocean dynamics in the biogeochemical processes of the Arabian Sea 

  • Author : Sasmal.S.K., India
    Co-Author : Somasundar K.
  • Dominant community zonation of mangrove : a vital RS based input for mangrove management 

  • Author : Bahuguna Anjali, India
    Co-Authors : Rao R.S., Nayak S.R., Patel, B.H.
  • Operational fishery forecast using NOAA AVHRR derived SST for the waters of Gujrat coast. 

  • Author : N. Vohra, India
    Co-Authors : M.I. Patel, D.B. Thaker, J.V. Jadaja
  • The monitoring of the incident radiation measurement (1972-1997) as an indicator of air sea interaction in the Oceans 

  • Author : Suchada Silipat, Thailand
    Co-Authors : Aurapin Chanpongsang,Wiboon Meecharoen, Sombar Charaevong, Gary D. Sharp, John A. Withraw, Jerrolo G. Norton, Douglas R. McLain
  • Diurnal variation of SST and heat fluxes in the Tropical Eastern Pacific

  • Author : Ajoy Kumar, USA
    Co-Authors : Peter Minnett
  • Aerosol radiance over the estuarine system of Goa, analysis through in-situ and satellite observation 

  • Author : H.B.Menon, India
  • Co-Authors : Krishnamurthy k, Mohan M, Nayak S.R, Navalgund R.R
  • Sediment dispersal during NE monsoon over northern Bay of Bengal : Preliminary results using IRS-P4 OCM data

  • Author : T. Anuradha, India
    Co-Authors : S.K.Dash et al.
  • Remote studies of phytoplankton dynamics and physical processes indifferent ocean region 

  • Author : N. P. Nezlin, Russia
  • Computing ocean surface currents and ice motion from sequential satellite images 

  • Author : William j. Emery, USA
    Co-Authors : C.W. Fowler, J.A. Maslanik, C. Rathbone, P. J. Tildesley
  • On climatic characteristics in the east Asia by satellite data (NOAA, Topex/Poseidon)

  • Author : Hong-Ju Yoon, Korea
    Co-Authors : Young-Seup Kim, Moon-Ok Lee.
  • Simulation of the Bering Strait temperature and salinity monitoring  using acoustic tomography 

  • Author : Vladimir Krupin, Russia
    Co-Author : Konstantin  Sabinin
  • Acoustic scattering from small three dimensional inhomogeneties in a shallow water waveguide: An inverse problem 

  • Author : A.D. Zakharenko, Russia
  • TS-Measurement of benthosema pterotum with EK-500 Echosounder in the Gulf of Oman

  • Author : Tooraj Valinasaab, Iran
  • Formation of spectral remote sensing signal in visual band for two component phytoplankton community 

  • Author : Sergei V. Semovski, Russia
    Co-Authors : Olga I.Belykh
  • In situ measurement of aerosol charachteristics over Indian Ocean

  • Author : S. Ramachandran, India
    Co-Author : A. Jayaraman
  • Primary production measurements in the N.Arabian sea (Nov 1999 and April 2000), and their comparision with current models.

  • Author : S.G.Prabhu Matondkar, India.
  • The importace of phytoplanktons size fractions study(pigment and productivity) in Laccadive sea : A case study for ocean color application.

  • Author : Manisha V. Kulkarni, India
    Co-Author : S.G.P. Matondkar.
  • Distribution of phytoplankton in Arabian sea during November and March-April period and it's relevance to ocean color studies.

  • Author : Sushma G. Parab, India.
    Co-Author : S.G.P. Matondkar.
  • Remote sensing and radiative transfer in the shallow inland water: Planned investigations at Lake Constance

  • Author : Andreas Albert, Germany
  • Satellite Chlorophyll Image and Fish Catch data from Southwest coast of Kerala, India – A preliminary attempt of correlation

  • Author :B.Meenakumari, India
    Co-Authors : U.Sreedhar, R.Raghu prakash, Shylesh Naik, R.M.Dwivedi and  S.Beenakumari

    Poster Session - II
    ( 7th Dec. &  8th Dec.)
    Adjucators : J. Morrison, R. C. Panigrahy and L. V. G. Rao

  • Impact of Urbanization on marine water quality of Ha Long coastal area: A remote sensing and GIS approach 

  • Author : Tran Van Dien, Vietnam
  • Statistics of the maximal wind speeds over marine surface on the base of SLR data of satellite "OCEAN" 

  • Author : M.V. Bukharov, Russia
  • ENSO simulation and prediction with an intermediate coupled model. 

  • Author : D. Gushchina, Russia
    Co-Authors : Dewitte B., S. Lakeev
  • Determination of fog formation areas from satellite images and numerical model simulation results in the Yellow

  • sea
    Author : Hyo Choi, Korea
  • Comparison of simulated sediment concentration with satellite observed ocean color in coastal tidal waters 

  • Author : Chan Weng tat, Singapore
    Co-Authors : Sitansu Pattnaik
  • Interannual  variability in the sea surface temperature and net surface heat flux in the Bay of Bengal 

  • Author : V.S.N. Murty, India
    Co-Authors : E.P. Rama Rao, Shailesh M. Pednekar
  • Winter time wind forcing and sea surface cooling near the Indian tip observed by satellite sensors

  • Author : Alvarinho J. Luis, Japan
    Co-Authors : Hiroshi Kawamura
  • Hydrological structure and biological productivity of the tropical Indian ocean 

  • Author : Usha D. Muraleedharan, India 
    Co-Authors : P.M. Muraleedharan 
  • Sea ranching cum sea bottom farming : A global approach for marine resource management 

  • Author : G.P. Kumaraswamy Achary, India
    Co-Authors : Joseph Andrews, K.T. Thomas.
  • Vortex Shedding in the downwind side of  Cheju Island 

  • Author : Hyo choi, Korea
  • Estimation of solar radiation over the oceans around Korean Peninsula using satellite data

  • Author : Kim Young Seup, Korea
    Co-Authors : Park Kyeong Won, Hong-Ju Yoon
  • A study of atmospheric correction algorithm with OCTS and multi-directional POLDER data. 

  • Author : Yasushi Mitomi, Japan
    Co-Authors : Riko Higuchi, Hajime Fukushima, Tamio Takamura
  • Sediment dispersal during NE monsoon over northern Bay of Bengal: Preliminary results using IRS-P4 OCM data 

  • Author : T. Anuradha, India 
    Co-Authors : J. Suneethi, S.K. Dash, Y. Pradhan, J.S. Prasad, A.S. Rajawat, S.R. Nayak, Onkar S. Chauhan
  • Logical data symbolization for marine GIS in models of space with biological reference points 

  • Author : Vasanth Samaga,India 
  • An ENSO beginning in the year 2000?

  • Author : C. K. Gopinathan, India
  • Use of multi-sensor satellite data for the detection and studying of meso-scale structures in the ocean.

  • Author : Alexey A. Romanov, Russia
    Co-Authors : Sergey V. Matveev, Yuri V. Fefilov, Alexander A. Romanov
  • Buried structure of the sea of OKHOTSK bottom 

  • Author : Yu. Mel’nichenko, Russia 
  • Ocean surface radar imagery for the estimation of intensity of atmospheric motions in the MABL 

  • Author : M.I.Mityagina, Russia
    Co-Authors : V.G.Pungin, O. Yu. Lavrova
  • Experimental measurements of water surface slopes by microwave radar

  • Author : V. Yu. Karaev, Russia
    Co-Authors : M.B.Kanevsky, E.M.Zuikova, V.Yu.Golodblat, V.I.Titov
  • Pravaham - software package for analyses of currents 

  • Author : G.V. Krishna Kumar, India
    Co-Authors : Murthy P.G.K, Thomson T.K.
  • READIMAGE: A software for retrieval and display of side scan sonar image data

  • Author : Satyanarayana Y., India
    Co-Authors : Murty G. R
  • A new algorithm for rain rate retrieval over land using SSM/I and TRMM data 

  • Author : D. Buroso, Germany 
    Co-Authors : J.Schulz, Peter Bauer
  • Precipitation retrieval from combined active and passive microwave remote sensing observations 

  • Author : R. Bennartz, Germany 
    Co-Authors : G.W. Petty
  • Rainfall detection over land surface from TRMM data 

  • Author : C.Wunram, Germany 
    Co-Authors : P.Bauer, J. Schulz
  • Upwelling and associated hydrography along the west coast of India during south west monsoon, 1999

  • Author : P.A.Maheswaran,India
    Co-Author : G.Rajesh, C.Revichandran, K.K.C.Nair
  • A climactic atlas of the air-sea interaction parameters and fluxes of the ocean using satellite data.

  • Author : M.R. Ramesh Kumar, India.
    Co-Author : J.Schulz, V.Jost.
  • Sediment dispersal in the macro tidal Gulf of Kachchh, India 

  • Author : Onkar S. Chauhan, India
  • Data communication alternatives on a floating platform

  • Author : Archana P.Nagvekar, India
  • Scope of minced fish meat(surimi) technology in India.

  • Author : Sathish Kumar Sinha, India
  • Database of Indian Seaweeds

  • Author : S.H.Zaidi, India
    Co-Author : R.M.Oza
  • Specification of an Ocean GIS

  • Author : Brij Bhushan, India.

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