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Coastal zone management, strom surge prediction  and GIS applications

Application of remote sensing data to the management of the Galapagos marine reserve
Author : Ken Collins, U.K
Co-Authors : S.A.Banks, M.P.Marshall

SAR research and its application for coastal management
Author : Ola M. Johannessen, Norway
Co-Authors : Stein Sandven

Remote assessment of net shore drift of water coast of India 
Author : Pravin D. Kunte, India
Co-Authors : B.G. Wagle, Yasuhiro Sugimori

The geographic information system of the Campeche Sound, Gulf of Mexico 
Author : Vazquez G. F Mexico
Co-Authors : Mendoza M.Q., A. Mayo M

Change Detection Studies in and around Kolleru Lake using high resolution satellite data 
Author : M.V. Rao, India
Co-Authors : K.H. Rao, I.V. Ramana, S.K. Sasamal, S.B. Choudhury, S.K.Bhan

Use of IRS 1C/1D data for mapping coastal regulation zone (CRZ)
Author : H.B. Chauhan, India
Co-Authors : Shailesh Nayak

Application of remote sensing and GIS to mangrove wetland management : Case  study in Coringa mangroves
Author : L. Gnanappazham, India
Co-Authors : S.Ramachandran, R. Krishnamoorthy

Application of remote sensing and GIS in coral reef management: case study of Kadamat Island, India 
Author : K. Suganya, India
Co-Authors : S. Ramachandran, R. Krishnamoorthy

Sediment dispersal in the macro tidal Gulf of Kachchh 
Author : Onkar S. Chauhan, India

Impact of Urbanization on marine water quality of H along coastal area: A remote sensing and GIS approach 
Author : Tran Van Dien, USA

Influence of Coastal flooding on the surge estimate along the coast 
Author : R. Mahadevan, India

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Ocean  processes

Classification of thermal patterns as oceanic fronts
Author : Shingehisa Nakamura, Japan

Formation processes and associated events in the evolution of  Kuroshio warm-core ring 93A. 
Author : Pravakar Mishra, Japan
Co-Authors : Takashigae Sugimoto

Coastal tidal fronts in the Okhotsk Sea
Author : Andrew  A. Bobkov, Russia
Co-Authors : Pravakar Mishra, Takashigae Sugimoto

Horizontal structure of an sub arctic front from Japan up to 180 on satellite and oceanographic observations 
Author : Darnitskiy V.B., Russia
Co-Authors : Bulatov N.V.

Time-dependent forms of the mesoscale radiance relief of the eastern mediterranean sea surface from the seawifs data 
Author : Guenrik. S. Karabashev, Russia
Co-Authors : Marina A. Evdoshenko, Sergei V. Sheberstov

Remote studies of phytoplankton dynamics and physical processes indifferent ocean region 
Author : N. P. Nezlin, Russia

Observations of Rossby waves in satellite-derived chlorophyll-a data 
Author : Paolo Cipollini, U.K.
Co-Authors : Peter G. Challenor, David Cromwell, Graham D. Quartly, S. Raffaglio

Simulation of superficial circulation in Peter the Great Bay in Japanese sea 
Author : Ivanov I.A., USA
Co-Authors : Kilmatov T.R., Ivanova G.F.

Coastal Tidal Fronts in the Okhotsk sea 
Author : Hidio Tameishi, Japan

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Multisensor observations and applications

Computing ocean surface currents and ice motion from sequential satellite images 
Author : William j. Emery, USA
Co-Authors : C.W. Fowler, J.A. Maslanik, C. Rathbone, P. J. Tildesley

Combining surface currents computed from sea surface temperature and ocean color satellite imagery 
Author : William j. Emery, USA
Co-Authors : Chris Rathbone, Paul Tildesley

Dynamical interpretation of simultaneous satellite observations
Author : Avijit Gangopadhyay, USA
Co-Authors : Amit Tandon

Interrelationship between Satellite derived chlorophyll and temperature profile from cruise data: A study for Arabian Sea on seasonal basis 
Author : Neera Chaturvedi, India
Co-Authors : Aishwarya Narain, D.K. Gulati, M.E. John, V.S. Somvanshi

Combining ocean colour and sea surface temperature satellite data to study continental shelf dynamics on the east coast of Australia.
Author : Peter Davies, Australia

Sea Ice motion from wavelet analysis of satellite data
Author : Antony K. Liu, USA
Co-Authors : Yunhe Zhou

A Northern Indian Ocean comparison between nutrient availability derivedfrom pathfinder SST and phytoplankton biomass/productivity based on SeaWiFS 
Author : J. M. Morrison, USA
Co-Authors : D. Kamykowski, D. M. Datta, S-J. Zentara, A. C. Switzer

Using of multi-sensor satellite data for the detection and studying of mezo-scale structures in the ocean.
Author : Alexey A. Romanov, Russia
Co-Authors : Sergey V. Matveev, Yuri V. Fefilov, Alexander A. Romanov

Study of relationship between TCO2 & PCO2 in the north pacific Using Sea WiFS data and AVHRR
Author : Takahiro Osawa, Japan
Co-Authors : Daigo Kuroiwa, Joji Ishizaka, Jun Suwa, Yasuhiro Sugimori

On climatic characteristics in the east Asia by satellite data (NOAA, Topex/Poseidon)
Author : Hong-Ju Yoon, Korea
Co-Authors : Young-Seup Kim, Moon-Ok Lee

Annual and Inter-annual Variations of sea surface height (SSH) and sea surface Temperature (SST) in the north western Pacific
Author : Ae-Sook, Korea
Co-Authors : Hong-Joo Yoon, Byong-Jun Hwang

Study of warm pools in Tropical Pacific and Indian Ocean using satellite altimeter and SST data 
Author : Deep  Shikha Singh, India
Co-Authors : R.M. Gairola, V.K. Agarwal

Multi-sensor Remote Sensing of a Cyanobacterial blooms 
Author : Ajit Subramaniam, USA
Co-Authors : Christopher Brown, Pablo Clemente-Colón, Douglas Capone

Retrieval of sea surface velocities using sequential ocean colour monitor (OCM) data 
Author : J.S. Prasad, India
Co-Authors : A.S. Rajawat, S.R. Nayak

Long-term total solar irradiance (TSI) variability derived from Earth Radiation Budget Satellite (ERBS) measurements 
Author : Robert B. Lee III, USA
Co-Authors : Robert Wilson, Kory Priestley, Susan Thomas, Jack Paden, Aiman Al-Hajjah, Dhirendra Pandey

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Data processing sensor calibration and data management techniques

Automatic registration of SeaWifs and AVHRR imagery 
Author : Zhihua Mao, China
Co-Authors : Delu Pan, Haiqing Huang

Pravaham - software package for analyses of currents 
Author : G.V. Krishna Kumar, India
Co-Authors : Murthy P.G.K, Thomson T.K.

Neural networks algorithms for atmosphere-ocean system parameters retrieval using SSM/I data 
Author : Elizaveta V. Zabolotskikh Russia
Co-Authors : Leonid P. Bobylev, Leonid M. Mitnik, Yuri M. Timofeev, Ola M. Johannessen

READIMAGE: A software for retrieval and display of side scan sonar image data
Author : Satyanarayana Y., India
Co-Authors : Murty G.R.K

Very high resolution satellite data: New challenges in image analysis 
Author : P.V. Sathe, India
Co-Authors : P.M. Muralidharan

Three years of experiences with on-orbit SeaWiFS calibration. 
Author : Ewa J. Ainsworth, USA
Co-Authors : Sean W. Bailey, Robert A. Barnes, Robert E. Eplee, Frederick S. Patt, Bryan A. Franz, Christina Hsu, Christophe Pietras, Wayne D. Robinson, Mike Schmidt, Menghua Wang, P. Jeremy Werdell, Charles R. McClain

An objective technique for producing global gridded daily "wind" fields from multiple scatterometers
Author : Mark A. Bourassa, USA
Co-Authors : David M. Legler, James J. O'Brien

Data processing scheme for the retrieval of oceanic parameters using IRS-P4 OCM data 
Author : I.V.Ramana, India
Co-Authors : K.H.Rao, M.V.Rao, S.B.Choudhury, S.K.Bhan

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Radar measurements

Comparative analysis of the internal wave fields at continental margins in the north-western Pacific and Atlantic oceans based on the remote sensing data.
Author : Olga Yu Lavrova, Russia
Co-Authors : Konstantin D. Sabinin

Radar investigations of atmospheric and ocean processes in the South sea of Okhotsk 
Author : Konstantin Litovchenko, Russia
Co-Authors : Olga Yu. Lavrova

Ocean surface radar imagery for the estimation of intensity of atmospheric motions in the MABL 
Author : M.I.Mityagina, Russia
Co-Authors : V.G.Pungin

Mesoscale structure in the coastal ocean waters
Author : P.N.I.Kalangi, Australia
Co-Authors : M.L. Heron, A. Prytz

Experimental measurements of water surface slopes by microwave radar
Author : V. Yu. Karaev, Russia
Co-Authors : M.B.Kanevsky, E.M.Zuikova, V.Yu.Golodblat, V.I.Titov

Panoramic radar methods for restoration of sea level and current velocity fields from space 
Author : S.V. Pereslegin, Russia
Co-Authors : M.Yu. Dostovalov, A.Yu. Ivanov, Yu. P.Sinitzin

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Marine disaster forcasting and operational oceanography

Diadem: An operational monitoring and prediction system for the North Atlantic and Nordic Seas 
Author : Geir Evensen, Norway 

Operational fishery forecaste using NOAA AVHRR derived SST for the waters of Gujrat coast. 
Author : N. Vohra, India
Co-Authors : M.I. Patel, D.B. Thaker, J.V. Jadaja, R.M. Dwvedi, H.U. Solanki

Gander - A constellation of mini-satellites to provide frequent, near real-time observations of sea state 
Author : T.D. Allan, UK

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Underwater acoustics

Acoustic monitoring of the ocean climate of the Arctic (AMOC). 
Author : Ola M. Johannessen, Norway
Co-Authors : Hanne Sagen, Klaus Hasselmann , Uwe Mikolajewics, Peter Wadhams 

Simulation of the Bering Strait temperature and salinity monitoring  using acoustic tomography 
Author : Vladimir Krupin, Russia
Co-Authors : Konstantin  Sabinin

Underwater Acoustics: Picking out the sound of rain 
Author : G.D.  Quartly, U.K
Co-Authors : T.H. Guymer,K.G. Birch,J. Smithers,I. Waddington, K. Goy

Scattered ambient noise due to acoustically soft and rigid sphere: Implications for acoustic daylight image 
Author : Ardhendu G. Pathak, India
Co-Authors : Purnima Jalihal

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Sea ice and polar climatic variability

The reduction in the sea-ice in the southernmost part of the Okhotsk Sea 1892 
Author : Masaaki Aota, Japan

The Warming and Freshening Event in the Beaufort Sea in 1997 
Author : Jiayan Yang, USA
Co-Authors : Josefino Comiso, Richard Krishfield, Susumu Honjo

Satellite observed variability of Arctic surface temperatures and their correlation to open water areas in the Beaufort and Laptev Seas 
Author : Josefino C. Comiso, USA

Teleconnections between the Southern Ocean sea ice cover and the Southern Oscillation 
Author : Rom Kwok, USA
Co-Authors : Josefino. C. Comiso

Sea Ice surface process study of Lady Ann Strait Polynyawith ERS-1 SAR imagery
Author : Konrad Steffen, USA
Co-Authors : John Heinrichs

New evidence on arctic sea ice thinning 
Author : Peter Wadhams, U.K

Multisensor analysis of freezing, ice-break and ice types distribution on lake Baikal 
Author : Sergei V. Semovski, Russia

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Meaurement of precipitation using spaceborne sensors 

Instantaneous and Climatological validation of satellite precipitation estimates
Author : Joerg Schulz, Germany

Assessment of TRMM TMI, DMSP-SSMI and IRS-P4-MSMR observations during precipitation over Indian oceanic region 
Author : ;R.M. Gairola, India 
Co-Authors : A.K. Varma , B.S. Gohil, V.K Agarwal

Rain rate measurement from IRS-P4 MSMR
Author : A.K. Varma, India
Co-Authors :R.M. Gairola, A.K. Marthur, B.S. Gohil, V.K. Agarwal 

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Marine optics

A model for the determination of optical properties in shallow water 
Author : Andreas Albert, Germany

Semi analytic bio-optical Algorithm:  Use for case II waters 
Author : V.I. Burenkov, Russia
Co-Authors : S.V.Ershova, O.V.Kopelevich, S.V.Sheberstov

Analysis of ocean optical data in the South Yellow Sea 
Author : Author : Jingping Ren, China
Co-Authors : Kecun FU, Jinping Zhao

Fluorescence of dissolved organics in Saginaw as evidenced in the upwelling radience spectra: assessed impact on the implication for the accuracy of water quality retrievals 
Author : Pozdnyakov D.V, Russia
Co-Authors : Schuchman R. A., Tanis F., Lyaskovsky A. V., Lyzenga. D

Seasonal variation of the primary production eEstimated from the natural fluorescence observed by a moored buoy in the Japan Sea
Author : Tomohiro Horiuchi, Japan
Co-Authors : Yasuhiro Senga

Influence of auxiliary pigments on phytoplankton absorption: implications for remote sensing of ocean colour 
Author : Shubha Sathyendranath, Canada
Co-Authors : Trevor Platt, Venetia Stuart, Heidi Maass and Brian Irwin

GeP&CO : a transect by ship of opportunity for the calibrationand validation of sea color products. 
Author : Yves Dandonneau, France
Co-Authors : Cecile Dupouy

Long-term and seasonal variability of chlorophyll-a, primary production and Secchi disc depth in the Black Sea: comparison of satellite and shipsinvestigation results.
Author : Oleg Yunev, Ukrain
Co-Authors : Nakhimova, Vladimir Vedernikov and Oleg Kopelevich, Vadim Suetin and Vladimir Vladimirov, Kapitanskaya, Ozden Basturkand Aysen Yilmaz

Formation of spectral remote sensing signal in visual band for two component phytoplankton community 
Author : Sergei V. Semovski, Russia
Co-Authors : Olga I.Belykh, Iosif M.Levin

Water leaving radiance from coastal waters of Goa 
Author : H.B. Menon, India

Retrieval of water constituents through IRS P4 OCM (Indian Remote Sensing Satellite P4 Ocean color Monitor) spectral light absorptivity by yellow substance in coastal waters of Goa 
Author : H.B. Menon, India
Co-Authors : Monahan M. Nayak S.R., Navalgund

On integrating satellite derived chlorophyll over euphotic depth 
Author : S.K. Singh, India
Co-Authors : Mini Raman, R.M. Dwivedi, Shailesh Nayak

Estimation of chlorophyll profile using IRS P4 OCM and a vertical distribution model in the North Eastern Arabian Sea 
Author : Mini Raman, India
Co-Authors : R.M. Dwivedi, Shailesh Nayak

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