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Synthethic Aperture Radar

Internal wave study in the south china sea using SAR 
Author : Anthony K. Liu, USA
Co-Authors : Yunhe Zhou

Ocean eddies in the synthetic aperture radar images 
Author : Andrei Yu Ivanov, Russia
Co-Authors : Anna I. Ginzburg, Alexander G. Ostrovskii

Statistics of the maximal wind speeds over marine surface on the base of SLR data of satellite "OCEAN" 
Author : M.V. Bukharov, Russia

Two-Dimensional directional wave spectra measured by along track interferometric SAR 
Author : Yijun He, China

Using SAR to study the bottom topography in Taiwan Tan
Author : Ming Kuang Hsu, China
Co-Authors : Antony, K. Liu, Leonid M. Mitnik

Sea surface circulations through the Lombok Strait studied by ERS SAR 
Author : Lionid M. Mitnik, Russia
Co-Authors : Werner Alpers

Intercation of internal waves by topographic features in the Southeastern Asian Seas studied by ERS SAR Imagery
Author : Werner Alpers, Germany
Co-Authors : Kan Zeng, Leonid Mitnik, Lim Hock

SAR observation of dynamic processes in the bering strait 
Author : Olga Yu Lavrova, Russia
Co-Authors : Konstantin D. Sabinin

A New Approach to the Resolution of 180° Ambiguity in SAR Images of Ocean Waves 
Author : Jingsong Yang, China
Co-Authors  : Weigen Huang, Changbao Zhou

Sar observations of the Bo-hai sea and Korea Bay region 
Author : Pablo Clemente-Colón, USA
Co-Authors : Xiaofeng Li, Quanan Zheng, Xiao-Hai Yan, Cheryl Bertoia, Paul Chang,Willam G. Pichel, Karen Friedman

Internal waves in lake Baikal as inferred from ERS SAR imagery 
Author : Sergei V.Semovski
Co-Authors : Werner Alper, Irkutsk

SAR interferometry for polar ice studie 
Author : Balaji H. Kasal, India
Co-Authors : K.S. Rao

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Remote sensing of the parameters defining the rate of air-sea gas transfer

Breaking wind waves and atmosphere-ocean gas exchange 
Author : Roman S. Bortkovoskii, Russia

Oceanic whitecaps: Features of the sea surface readily detectable via satellite remote sensing that are direct indicators of the magnitude of the air-sea transfer coefficient for climate gases such as carbon dioxide 
Author : Edward C. Monahan, USA

Interannual variations of phytoplankton biomass in the western/central equatorial Pacific during EL Niño and La Niña; consequences for biological production, air-sea exchange of co2 and heat budget 
Author : Daniela Turk, Canada
Co-Authors : Marlon Lewis, Michael McPhaden

Study of air-sea co2 gas transfer on basis of wave breaking model 
Author : Naoya Suzuki, Japan
Co-Authors : Naoto Ebuchi, Masatoshi Akiyama, Yasuhiro Sugimori

Advanced analysis of the relationship between non-dimentional roughness length and wave age using tower-based measurements study of air –sea CO2 transfer using satellite 
Author : Naoya Suzuki, Japan
Co- Authors : Naota Ebuchi, Masatoshi Akiyama, Yasuhiro Sugimori

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Altimeter (currents)

Low-frequency waves in the Antarctic circumpolar current from altimeter data 
Author : A.K. Gusev, Russia
Co-Authors : V. R. Fouks, E. A. Zakharchuk

North Pacific circulation variability from Topex/Poseidon sea level observations 
Author : Alberto Mestas-Nunez, USA
Co-Authors : Dudley B. Chelton

Climate sea level variations in the North Pacific Ocean by Topex/Poseidon altimeter data 
Author : Yong-Hoon, Korea
Co-Authors : Choong-Ki Kim Sang OH, Young Hyang Park, Ae Sook Suh

Low frequency variability in the sea surface height anomalies in the Indian ocean 
Author : Y.K. Somayajulu, India
Co-Authors : V.S.N. Murty, Y.V.B. Sarma

Altimeter derived flow field over a newly identified coastal ocean boundary in the eastern Arabian sea 
Author : M.K. Antony, India
Co-Authors : Y.K. Somayajula, G. Narayana Swamy

On the Quasi-biennial Varibility of the Sea Surface Height in the Japan Sea 
Author : N. Hirose, Japan
Co-Authors : A. Ostrovskii

Recent advances in remote sensing of extra-tropical Rossby waves 
Author : Paolo Cipollini, U.K
Co-Authors : Peter G. Challenor, David romwell, Katherine L. Hill, Graham D. Quartly, Ian S. Robinson

Signatures of Kelvin and Rossby wave propagation in the Indian Ocean from TOPEX/POSEIDON altimeter. 
Author : S. Prasanna Kumar, India
Co-Authors : A.S. Unnikrishnan, P. M. Muralidharan

Dynamics of the Kuroshio Extension from Altimeter Data. 
Author : Gustavo Goni, USA
Co-Authors : S. Sainz-Trapaga, T. Sugimoto 

Eddy detection in the northeast Pacific from TOPEX/Poseidon altimetry using signal processing technique 
Author : Sujit Basu, India

Wind driven circulation in the subarctic North Pacific using altimeter data 
Author : Osamu Isoguchi, Japan
Co-Authors : Hiroshi Kawamura

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Ocean atmosphere interaction observed by new spaceborne sensors

Ocean-atmosphere coupling of the tropical instability wave observed byspace based sensors 
Author : W Timothy Liu, USA
Co-Authors : Xiaosu Xie, Paulo Polito

An algorithm for determining the radiance reflected from the rough sea surface using MODIS-N satellite radiometer data 
Author : Kusiel S. Shifrin, USA

The determination of the vertical atmospheric temperature gradient near the sea surface from MODIS-N data. 
Author : Kusiel S. Shifrin, USA

The Impact of Altimeter and Scatterometer Observation on ENSO Prediction 
Author : Dake Chen, USA

Synergistic use of Scatterometers, Model Output and Conventional Observations in Construction of Consistent Climate Record at the Ocean-atmosphere Interface 
Author : Gad Levy, USA

The scientific rationale and future prospects for surface salinity measurements from satellites 
Author : Gary S.E. Lagerloef, USA

Analysis of surface velocity fields 
Author : Gary S.E.Lagerloef, USA
Co-Authors : Gary Mitchum, Antonio Busalacchi, Roger Lukas

Global Change Observation Mission (GCOM) 
Author : Haruhisa Shimoda, Japan

Interactions between Madden-Julian oscillation, westerly wind bursts and northerly cold surges during 1996-2000 
Author : Lisan Yu, USA
Co-Authors : W. Thimothy Liu

TRMM microwave radiometer rain rate estimation method with convective and stratiform discrimination 
Author : C. Prabhakara, USA
Co-Authors : R. Iacovazzi Jr., J. A. Weinman, G. Dalu

TRMM microwave radiometer rain retrievals of hurricanes and cyclones 
Author : C. Prabhakara, USA
Co-Authors : R. Iacovazzi, Jr., G. Dalu

Applying TRMM and NASA  scatterometer observations to investigate the mechanisms that control the onset of the rainy season in the tropical South America 
Author : Rong Fu, USA

Direct retrieval of ocean surface evaporation and Latent heat flux from spacebased observations 
Author : W. Timothy Liu, USA
Co-Authors : Wenqing Tang

Ocean-atmosphere Interaction Observed by New Spaceborne Sensors 
Author : W.Timothy Liu, USA
Co-Authors : Sundar A. Christopher

Intercomparison of observed and model generated radiative fluxes in clear, cloudy, and aerosol regions over ocean areas Sundar 
Author : A.Christiphor, USA

Variability in ocean color for the Indonesian archipelago (Sept 1997 -March 2000) as seen by SeaWiFS: Ties to physical forcing and implications for regional and worldwide ecosystems.
Author : John Marra, USA
Co-Authors : Thomas S. Moore II

On-orbit radiometric performance results of CERES instruments aboard Tropical Rainfall Measuring Mission (TRMM) and Earth Observing System Terra Spacecraft 
Author : Susan Thomas, USA
Co-Authors : R. B. Lee III, K. J. Priestley, B. R. Barkstrom, R. S. Wilson, A. AL-Hajjah, J. Paden, D. K. Pandey, G. L. Smith

On satallite scatterometer model functions 
Author : R. A. Brown, USA

Direct retrieval of the surface latent heat flux from IRS-P4/ MSMR brightness temperature data 
Author : A.K. Marthur, India
Co-Authors : B. Simon, B.S. Gohil, V.K. Agarwal

The status and future of Chinese Meteorological satellite 
Author : Liu Yujie, China

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Winds from Altimeters and scatterometers

On the seasonal inconsistency of altimeter wind speed algorithms
Author : Ge Chen, China
Co-Authors : Hui Lin

A semi-theoretical wind speed algorithm for TOPEX altimeter at high wind speeds 
Author : Yijun He,  China

Modification of winds and waves by the Kuroshio in the Yellow and East China Seas
Author : Pual A.Hwang, USA
Co-Authors : William J. Teague, Gregg A. Jacobs

Interseasonal variation of surface winds in the tropical Pacific-Indian ocean during 1997-98 EI Nino Event ( Use of satellite scatterometer data) 
Author : Kunio Kutsuwada, Japan
Co-Authors : Takahiro Kazama

Wind, Waves and Rain: Relationships between their special distributions and changes during EL Nino 
Author : G.D. Quartly, U.K
Co-Authors : T.H. Guymer, K.G. Birch, J. Smithers, Waddington, K. Goy

Empirical and theoretical models of altimeter ocean backscatter for wind speed retrieval 
Author : Christine Gommenginger, USA
Co-Authors : Meric Srokosz, Craig Anderson, Trevor Macklin

A new antenna configuration of Fan-Bean scatterometer for measuring sea surface wind vector 
Author : B.S. Gohil, India
Co-Authors : Raj Kumar

Scatterometer Derived winds over Arabian sea in relation to onset  of South west monsoon 
Author : P.C. Joshi, India
Co-Authors : B. Simon, J. Balakarthikeyan

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Polar Oceanography

Two decades of microwave satellite observation of Arctic Sea Ice variablity and trends 
Author : Ola M. Johannessen, Norway
Co-Authors : Knut A. Lisæter, Helge Drange, Geir Evesensen

Barotropic and baroclinic components of tidal flow in the southern ocean 
Author : I.L.Bashmatchnik, Russia

Air surveys for sea frontal  zones search  and identification in the Noregian and Barents Seas. 
Author : Vladimir. B. Zabavnikov, Russia

Air monitoring of ice conditions in the Arctic Seas 
Author : Vladimir. B. Zabavnikov, Russia
Co-Authors : Vladimir. I. Chernook

Remote sensing of Antarctic sea – ice from IRS- P4 MSMR Data 
Author : N.K. Vyas, India
Co-Authors : M. K. Dash

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Passive microwave remote sensing of ocean and Atmospheres

Total liquid water content distribution in Marine Strati from microwave remote sensing 
Author : Mariya Shoom, Russia
Co-Authors : Leonid Mitnik, Jough-Tai Wang

Microwave polarisation studies of the sea surface perturbed by wind guest 
Author : M.G.Bulatov, Russia
Co-Authors : M.S.Dzura, M.D.Raev, E.I.Skvortsov.

Ocean surface temperature and wind vector measurements by airborne radiometers 
Author : Michael N. Pospelov, Russia
Co-Authors : Alexey V. Kuzmin, Yuri G. Trokhimovski

Validation of MSMR geophysical parameter data products with insitu observations 
Author : M. M. Ali, India
Co-Authors : DOD, IISc, IMD, NCMRWF, NIO, NIOT, Sac

Geophysical parameters retrieval over global oceans from IRS-P4/MSMR
Author : B.S. Gohil, India
Co-Authors : A.K. Marthur, A.K. Varma

Intercomparison of IRS-P4 MSMR derived geophysical products with DMSP-SSM/I, TRMM-TMI, NOAA-A VHRR finished products 
Author : A.K. Varma, India
Co-Authors : R.M. Gairola, A.K. Marthur, B.S. Gohil, V.K. Agarwal

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Modeling and assimilation of remote sensing data into numerical models

Use of air/sea fluxes from satellite measurements for ocean modeling 
Author : Yves Quilfen, France
Co-Authors : A. Bentamy, K. Katsaros, G. Lorand

ENSO simulation and prediction with an intermediate coupled model. 
Author : D. Gushchina, Russia
Co-Authors : Dewitte B.

Seasonal-to-interannual ocean variabilities: Combining altimetry and models 
Author : Ichiro Fukumori, USA
Co-Authors : T.Lee, D.Menemenlis, L.L.Fu

Determination of  fog formation areas from satellite images and numerical  model  simulation  results in the Yellow Sea 
Author : Hyo Choi, Korea

Indian ocean circulation : An integrated model and remote sensing study 
Author : Vibeke E.J.Haugen, Norway
Co-Authors : Geir Evensen, Ola M. Johannessen

Comparison of barotrotropic currents given by the TOPEX/ Posiedon model and the data of observations for the south african sector of the Southern ocean 
Author : I.L. Bashmatchnikov, Russia

Comparison of simulated sediment concentration with satellite observed ocean color in coastal tidal waters 
Author : Chan Weng tat, Singapore
Co-Authors : Sitansu Pattnaik

Biological Modulation of Sea Surface Temperature 
Author : Robert Frouin, USA
Co-Authors : Soichiro Nakamoto, Alexandre Paci, Arthur Miller , Sam F. Iacobellis

Interannual and interdecadal variability in an intermediate coupled model of the tropical Pacific: role of the Madden-Julian Oscillation.
Author : D. Gushchina, Russia
Co-Authors : B. Dewitte, Y. duPenhoat

Vertically resolved primary production model for satellite remote sensing 
Author : Ichio Asanuma, Japan
Co-Authors : Kazuhiko Matsumoto, Takeshi Kawano

Chlorophyll modulation of mixed layer thermodynamic in an isopycnal general circulation model . An example from Arabian Sea and equatorial Pacific
Author : S. Nakamoto, Japan
Co-Authors : J.M. Oberhuber , S. Prasanna Kumar

Interannual variability of the Indian ocean from multi-sensor satellites and model simulations. 
Author : James.  O’brien, USA
Co-Authors : David. M. Legler, Bulusu Subrahmanyam

SST prediction for extended range integration of atmospheric general circulation model 
Author : P.K. Pal, India
Co-Authors : C.M. Kishtawal, N. Agarwal

Ocean Wave Model : Sensitivity experiments
Author : Raj Kumar, India
Co-Authors : Abhijit Sarkar, V.K. Agarwal, B. Prasad Kumar, S. K. Dube

Assimilation of satellite data in Indian Ocean Model: Few examples
Author : Sujit Basu, India
Co-Authors : Raj Kumar, S.K Singh, V.K. Agarwal

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Monsoon and Indian ocean processes

The annual cycle and interannual variability of  surface fields over the Indian ocean 
Author : P.K.Mohanty, India
Co-Authors : S.K.Dash

Interannual and Interaseasonal variation of the moisture transport over the Indian ocean and Western Pacific 
Author : Nataly A. Vyazilova, Russia

Numerical simulation of tides in the Gulf of Kutch, India- A comparisson between finite difference and finite element models 
Author : A.S. Unnikrishnan, India

Variability of surface heat flux over the Indian Ocean 
Author : Hiroyuki Tomita, Japan
Co-Authors : Masahisa Kubota

Interannual  variability in the sea surface temperature and net surface heat flux in the Bay of Bengal 
Author : V.S.N. Murty, India
Co-Authors : E.P. Rama Rao, Shailesh M. Pednekar

Winter time wind forcing and sea surface cooling near the Indian tip observed by satellite sensors
Author : Alvarinho J. Luis, Japan
Co-Authors : Hiroshi Kawamura

Trends in sea surface temperature in the north Indian Ocean during 1995-98 
Author : S. K. Sasamal, India
Co-Authors : M.V.Rao, K.H.Rao, S.B.Choudhary, I.V.Ramana, and S.K. Dash

A numerical study of dynamics for sea surface cooling near the Indian tip during the winter monsoon 
Author : Alvarinho J. Luis, Japan
Co-Authors : Hiroshi Kawamura

Sverdrup circulation of the Indian Ocean from satellite microwave scatterometer wind measurements 
Author : Benny N. Peter, India
Co-Authors : P.V. Sanal Kumar

Mixed layer depth simulated from 1-D model of the Arabian Sea 
Author : A. K. S. Gopalan, India
Co-Authors : MM Ali and Rashmi Sharma

Thermodynamic model of the mixed layer depth over bay of Bengal 
Author : P. K. Pal, India
Co-Authors : Rashmi Sharma, P. Sreeram

Coherence Analysis of surface winds during monsoon season 
Author : Abhijit Sarkar, India
Co-Authors : Sujit Basu, A.K Varma

Influence of the Upper oceanstratification on the cyclogenesis in the Bay of Bengal 
Author : V.S.N. Murthy, India
Co-Authors : M.S.S. Sarma

Seasonability of phytoplankton production in the coastal waters off Gopalpure (Oriassa), East coast of India 
Author : Rajashree Gouda, India
Co-Authors : S.K. Tripapathy, R.C. Panigrahy

Remote Sensing of the Indo-Pacific Region:Ocean color, sea-level, winds, precipitation, and SSTs. 
Author : Raguram Murtugudde, USA

Study of characteristic of Asian summer monsoon by satellite data and re-analysis data-a
Author : Sung-Ae Lee, Japan
Co-Authors : Yasuhiro Sugimori,  Jun Suwa,  Young-Seop Kim

A new index for monsoon 
Author : M.R. Ramesh Kumar, India

Findlater jet and its association with the Indian Monsoon rainfall using NCEP/NCAR re-analysis data
Author : Pankajakshan Thadathil, India

Remote Sensing of the Indo-Pacific Region:Ocean color, sea-level, winds, precipitation, and SSTs. 
Author : Raguram Murtugudde, USA

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Marine ecological environment and fishery resources

Remote sensing and In-situ data analysis of harmful algal blooms in the northern coast of the South China Sea 
Author : Dan Ling Tang, Hong Kong
Co-Authors : Dana R. Kester, Y. Z. Qi, and I-Hsun Ni

Satellite observations and model predictions of toxic algae blooms in coastal waters 
Author : Lassen H. Pettersson, Norway
Co-Authors : Dominique Durand, Ola M. Johannessen

Synergistic analysis of satellite derived chlorophyll and SST features for fisheries application 
Author : H.U. Solanki, India
Co-Authors : R.M. Dwivedi, S.R. Nayak

Interrelationship of temperature, chlorophyll and primary productivity in the Arabian sea: Its implications to satellite based fishery forecast 
Author : Beena Kumari, India
Co-Authors : S.R. Nayak

Dominant community zonation of mangrove : a vital RS based input for mangrove management 
Author : Bahuguna Anjali, India
Co-Authors : Rao R.S., Nayak S.R., Patel, B.H.

Coral reefs of the Gulf of Kachchh: their present status & ecogeomorphological zonation using high resolution satellite data 
Author : Bahuguna Anjali, India
Co-Authors : Deshmukh B., Nayak, S.R., Patel B.H

Meso-scale oceanographic features in the Enshu-Nada Sea off the Pacific coast of Japan and their implications for pelagic fish recruitment
Author : Hideaki Nakata, Japan

Airborne remote sensing researches of marine environment for evaluation of pelagic fish distribution
Author : Vladimir. B. Zabavnikov, Russia
Co-Authors : Vladimir I. Chernook

Surface green blue algae bloom in lake Baikal: detection using SAR imagery and control by hydrophysics 
Author : Sergei V. Semovski, Russia
Co-Authors : Galina I.Poposkaya, Werner Alpers

Generation of composite image using OCM chlorophyll and NOAA AVHRR SST for locating potential fishing grounds 
Author : H.U. Solanki, India
Co-Authors : R.M. Dwivedi, S.R. Nayak

Sea ranching cum sea bottom farming : A global approach for marine resource management 
Author : G.P. Kumaraswamy Achary, India
Co-Authors : Joseph Andrews, K.T. Thomas.

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Air sea interaction

Large-scale regimes of air-sea-land interactions as described by  models and validated by satellite observations 
Author : Vladimir V. Kozoderov, Russia

Reaction of oceanic surface on passage of anemobaric formations in the South Kuril Area 
Author : Andrew  A. Bobkov, Russia
Co-Authors : Alexander A.Michurin

The impact of satellite microwave remote sensing on air-seaInteraction and climate 
Author : Robert A. Brown, USA

Spatial structure of water and heat flux from the sea to the air 
Author : M.L.Heron, Australia
Co-Authors : R.L. Jaycock, A.S. Kulessa, G.S. Woods 

Long-term variability of coastal topography-Air-Sea interaction relating to generation of the Japan Sea proper water 
Author : Kawamura H, Japan
Co-Authors : P.M.Wu, L. Arbarino

Accuracy of latent heat flux derived from satellite data 
Author : Atsuko Kano, Japan
Co-Authors : Masahisa Kubota

Satellite analyses of the air/sea interactions during the winter to spring transition in the northeast north pacific ocean 
Author : John W. Foerster, USA

The seasonal and interannual variation of the heat budget of the mixed layer in the North Pacific 
Author : Masanori Konda, Japan
Co-Authors : Miho Toypda , Taiyo Kobayashi , Norihisa imasato , Akira Shibata

The monitoring of the incident radiation measurement (1972-1997) as an indicator of air sea interaction in the Oceans 
Author : Suchada Silipat, Thailand

Vortex Shedding in the downwind side of  Cheju Island 
Author : Hyo choi, Korea

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Thermal infrared remote sensing, skin SST and its relationship to bulk SST and heat budget of the upper ocean 

Accuracy of in situ sea surface temperatures used to calibrate infrared satellite measurements 
Author : William J. Emery, USA
Co-Authors : D. J. Baldwin, Peter Schlüssel,R.E. Reynolds

Infrared interferometric measurements of the sea-surface temperature in the tropical Pacific Ocean. 
Author : Peter J. Minnett, USA

Estimation of solar radiation over the oceans around Korean Peninsula using satellite data
Author : Kim Young Seup, Korea
Co-Authors : Park Kyeong Won, Hong-Ju Yoon

Application of Satellite Data in the Mediterranean Sea.
Author : Ajoy Kumar, USA
Co-Authors : Peter Minnett

Sea surface temperature over tropical Indian ocean from TRMM 
Author : Andreas Albert, Germany

On the accuracy of the Pathfinder SST retrieval in the northern Indian Ocean 
Author : W. Shi, USA
Co-Authors : J. M. Morrison

Improvement of Global Algorithms for the retrieval of SST Near the Korean Penninsula using NOAA/A VHRR data 
Author : Byong-Jun Hwang, Korea
Co-Authors : Ae-Sook Suh, Myoung-Hwang Ahn, Eun-Ha Son

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Ocean colour

A simulation and evaluation study on the radiance imagery of Ocean color sensor OSMI
Author : Delu Pan, China
Co-Authors : Yong-seung KIM

Water color study of the Adriatic sea 
Author : Mira Morovic, Ctroatia

Correction of the sun glint contamination 
Author : Menghua Wang, USA
Co-Authors : Sean Bailey

New algorithm of the atmospheric correction: Validation with Seawifs and sea-truth data. 
Author : Oleg V. Kopelvich, Russia
Co-Authors : D.B.Rogozkin, S.V.Sheberstov, S.V.Ershova

Productivity and plankton blooms observed with Seawifs 
Author : Jim Gower, Canada

A study of atmospheric correction algorithm with OCTS and multi-directional POLDER data. 
Author : Yasushi Mitomi, Japan
Co-Authors : Riko Higuchi, Hajime Fukushima, Tamio Takamura

Vertical diffuse attenuation coefficient (Kd) based optical classification of IRS-P3 MOS-B satellite ocean colour data 
Author : R.K.Sarangi, India
Co-Authors : Prakash Chauhan, Shailesh Nayak

Retrieval of chlorophyll-a and total suspended sediments using IRS –P3/MOS-B data A case study on Chilika lagoon, Orissa, India
Author : N.C. Das, India
Co-Authors : A.S Rajwat, J.S.Prasad, T. Anuradha, S.R.Nayak,P.Kumar, G. Behera, P.K. Panigrahy

Application of SeaWIFS data for determination of chlorophyll in the Pearl River estuary
Author : Chuqun Chen, China
Co-Authors : Ping SHI

The guided search algorithm for ocean color reflectance. 
Author : Dale A. Kiefer, Canada
Co-Authors : Juli Berwald

Estimation of colored dissolved organic matter and salinity field in case 2 waters using SeaWiFS: Examples from Florida Bay, Florida Shelf and NE Gulf of Mexico 
Author : Eurico D’Sa, USA
Co-Authors : Chuanmin Hu, Frank Muller-Karger, Kendall Carder

Aerosol radiance over the estuarine system of Goa, analysis through in-situ and satellite observation 
Author : H.B.Menon, India
Co-Authors : Krishnamurthy k, Mohan M, Nayak S.R, Navalgund R.R

Study of mixed layer primary production in the northeastern Arabian Sea using IRS P4 OCM data 
Author : Mini Raman, India`
Co-Authors :  R.M. Dwivedi, Shailesh Nayak

Retrieval of Bathymetry and Other Oceanic Features using IRS-P4 Ocean Colour Monitor (OCM) Data
Author : K.H. Rao, India
Co-Authors : I.V. Ramana, M.V. Rao  S. B. Chodhury, S.K. Sasamal

Inter Comparison of chlorophyll Algorithms using IRS P3 MOS 
Author : R.M. Dwivedi India
Co_authors : H.U. solanki, S.R. Nayak

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